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It was a loyalist during the American Revolution and that you have covered a huge amount of ground here. This is unbelievable. Yeah, it means that he did not side with the Patriots, he decided with the Brits. And he was captured and you're ready for this executed by Patriots in South Carolina. And was that we were able to trace shows family back to his fifth grade grandfather, who was born in Germany on his father's line, and when his mother's ally into his fourth great grandfather, Joseph Kelly, who was likely board in the 17 sixties in England, So it is an amazing episode about the miraculously uses of DNA. Yes, Aries off. Issues of paternity and family heritage. Well, let's face it. America has just done a huge massive paternity test, and it's available for pretty much anybody who wants to really find out where they come from. And when you consider there's 18 million DNA test results now on ancestry alone, right And you know there are a lot of support groups and anyone listening to this. Should look at our website and write to us if they're struggling with this information, because you actually as soon as you click on your website sent to you by one of the prominent DNA cos you couldn't tell if your mother father, really your mother, father. And then a lot of adoptees turned to us for help when we refer them to CC more who is the world's leading as far as we're concerned, yes, genetic genealogist, but there are a lot of support groups. Well, Dr Gates, this is Ah, great season Now this runs into January and then you pick up with season seven. And we're gonna touch base with you each week about the upcoming episodes, and they really look forward seeing it. And, of course for anybody wanting to watch. It's finding.

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