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Mentally. For a lot of men which is horrible. But Yeah, obviously let you get cancer of the prostate and then they have to remove it or you get radiation therapy that you have to which both have really bad side effects on your reproductive organ your. Heinous and you'll shelter. Any litmus at need a sort of anatomy a very big penis level anatomy lesson. Is it right to say that the prostate is kind of like the male what we joke about as the male g spot? We be hidden on when when we do. Yeah, it's like it's the size of a walnut I guess but it produces your same and you'll sperms the liquid that comes out when you agenda. But we're sort of living in an age now where we're finding more and more man have the chance to live an older life especially going through the AIDS and HIV epidemic in the eighties nineties a lot of older men just didn't make it whatsoever and those. Didn't make it to the age that you are at risk of getting prostate cancer is well now we're getting like a big insurgence of people being able to live with HIV and not dying from it dying from AIDS. So the getting to these ages now where it is becoming such a big. Also. None of us Dr Share. We're just think base if you want definitely A. Search and look it up, and it's very helpful to know because we didn't know of before everyone should be getting that prostate checked. You know not to drag down the class level of this. my daddy got his. Watch just come daddy daddy is like this little boy in person or is this your actual day his? Never say. Daddy. Sorry I don't know why I said that my father when I was a teenager had a he was testify prostate cancer a few times because he's he's in this demographic. He's an older white men, Ryan everything, and it was very ashamed of it one a lot of men and not comfortable having a that part of their buddy examined and it's not like a social norm for men to have that part of their buddy examined and so when they actually like posted back, they did some x rays because I checking something around that area as well and they posted back and I knew exactly what it was because came in the big lake or like the giant on Yeah and I was like this is the inside of my daddy's. nudes. Yeah and so I took an because I grab the mail ru quick and I knew my dad ashamed of and I put them up Olivia my bedroom wall. Muff like artwork I room and and then he was mad but it forced us to have a dialogue about Oh ati health and. You need to get this checked because Oh. There was this strange myth I think out of the prostate cancer because it's Of the prostate and That it somehow agay Kenza the the potentially were more risk of getting it only evidence. Watts. But it affects game differently who's gay sex obviously, very different straits. But if you get the radiation therapy, a lot of men can get erectile dysfunction. Sorry like they cannot get as high as before a lot of the time it. You can be softer and like still have sex with a vagina is like yeah. You need Kinda more punch power without yeah hunch. Powell When I came from. Full now. Like, in in saying that, it's like I guess, a lot of people would just be like all. Why don't you just bottom then instead will the problem with that is like your anus itself becomes a lot more sensitive and actually becomes pain. They can become painful to have anal sex as well. So it's Up, in Botham's. Like it's no guarantee that you'll ever get function of direction back. To have a L-. Obata. That's who have a desire to have sex as to have like. Wouldn't that be the worst owning feelings and suffered? There's nothing they're not only that like a lot of gay men that live in metropolitan areas even just meant in general that live in metropolitan areas more exposed to I guess equal healthcare where you can go see lgbt Qa plus doctor and it's fine and it's not a weird thing whereas like a lot of people that don't live in metropolitan areas, they just not getting checked because they don't want to be ridiculed by the doctor whatsoever because they are gay or the your God I cannot think of anything worse than going to like a super straight being like can you tell me about my but as a gay man like and then? Just like grimacing at your, not ever wanting to treat you probably because, yeah, you have to disclose to them that you'll gay and it's really sad a lot of people that live in sort of moral areas areas that aren't gay friendly. They don't disclose that whatsoever and they pretty much like brokerage back into the cause at which I absolutely high and that should never have to be anything that anyone has to deal with with the health professional whatsoever. Be An absolute sites means I think. Also it's it's worth the conversation that happens around the prostate as as just a body pot and not some. Thing and You know like it's a gay thing or whatever. It excludes a certain part of a community of people who do not identifies men that do actually physically have prostate and. I've seen a lot of the men's health sites and and they yuck. Yuck like they saw heavily targeted towards the luckiest laureate literally just like running up each with a surfboard and dog. entered. Could you imagine being a person that didn identifies Mayo wanting? To. Stay on top of their the health in all areas. But having to navigate at the minefield of toxic masculinity it would be awful and if we could grow up and realize a hoses about prostate is. And a body parts suggest buddy pots and we need to look after them and. Take narrowly unless you give each. Yeah unless you have Roy Doug and Maitland go. Oh My. For like two and a half minutes and then. You did. ruined. Yeah I'm sure there aren't many straight men in country. Victoria listening to our show politics of. Could you imagine going to check out this office show about the press they're appearing fruit awakening also officer I don't think countrymen are GonNa be listening literally paying for content from us. Do you imagine the what a attribute? Maybe. They paid because I thought it was like a hate show the gazer revolt like aren't they? Let me pay. Seven dollars. And He's like I'm I'm gonNA give thirty dollars. mikey's teeth in the mail..

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