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Megan Barth, welcome again in the Bill Cunningham show. Megan, how are you? I'm doing great always good to be with you. Thank you. Let's talk about sexism, racism immigration and dirty voter rolls number one. When when Cavanaugh went through the held, and he went through whether it was Joey sweat Nacre Blasi Ford. I said let's see what they have to say. We can't assume some person is correct on their memorises twenty to thirty to forty years ago because words, come out of their mouth. Normally these things can be tested. And so I hate to find myself in a position more or less the defending Justin Fairfax, Lieutenant governor from Virginia. But these two women are no three in two thousand sixteen to nineteen years ago alleged sexual assault in each time. The one was at Duke University one was at the DNC national convention war. John Kerry was was nominated each of them had access to nine one one the police departments to turn them in if somebody raped you. I think you call the police neither one called the police. So gimme your nalysts adjacent. Fairfax. Where this thing goes from here. Well, I think you really have to look at the piracy of the left because there was a rush to judgment specifically with cabinet, and Dr Christine blindly Ford, we are she was trying to recall thirty years ago. She. The place. But yet all women must be believed. That was the mantra that all the Democrats and even some Republicans were telling us, and so when you look at the metoo movement, whether you look at the charges against Lieutenant governor Fairfax or you look at Keith Ellison in Minnesota when he was running for attorney general he had multiple women that came forward that actually went to the police and file Cleese reports had text messages, even videos and the Democrats ignored these accusations. So really, it's not all women are to be believed. It's only the women that make accusations against alleged Republican men like Cavanaugh. And so we see this over the over history whereby whether it's Bill Clinton, whether it's Keith Ellison, whether it's Harvey Weinstein, whether it's just the Fairfax that have democrat women and most of them are Democrats, most of them volunteers for the democrat party or for the candidate Bill Clinton. They're all. Democrat women that are levying these allegations and charges against powerful. Democrat men all of a sudden the metoo movement or the feminist or the Democrats go silent. So I think it's really the poxy that surrounds these allegations rather than the presumption of guilt before being proven innocent. And that's really the tenant that all of us must keep. But the democrat keep it knowing that tenant based on political political need as well as political character assassination. And I think what happens down the road is that the Democrats are doing this to to the Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax because the next time it happens to Republican they can go after them with hoax and clause because they can say look what look what we did the Fairfax. You know, when the second woman came forward and said, it was a premeditated attack in the year, and the two thousand this was known to the Virginia political establishment before the last election, like governor congressman Scott knew about it. But didn't do anything about. It isn't it incumbent upon a victim on a serious crime to turn that person into the police and not wait almost twenty years. Well, it is incumbent. But when you look really the stat related to re meal lemon now a lot of women come forward because of the shame surrounding that crime. And so that's why the presumption of innocence is such a precious tenant in our system. And when you have as a woman when you have alligators of sexual harassment sexual assault sexual abuse the onus is on the victim in order to prove that the attacker is guilty. And then it's a huge carry. And it also brings more shame right to your either public or personal life. These these witnesses or these alleged victims that have come forward if we were to adopt. The Democrats motto that all women should be believed. The Democrats have come forward and said that Justin Fairfax Lieutenant governor. Fairfax. Must resign because they have a precedent of assuming guilt before presuming innocence, and that's a very dangerous slippery slope. And that's something that we've been talking about since cavenaugh, and it goes on and on. But just my I did a lot of work as a criminal defense attorney for the man allegedly charges raping a woman or for a man or woman who alleges domestic violence and an era domestic violence. It is to one charge where there's motivation not to tournament into us up for political benefit or personal benefit down the road. And all I'm saying is that if assault took place against me or burglary or robbery or God knows what else I would doubt nine one one. And these two women Meredith Watson and the professor from California who are the alleged victims certainly had access to nine one one system to women helping women and all these things and the twenty-first century neither one made themselves available for that at a time. It could be tested accurate. You can't go back nineteen years and prove or not prove a rape took place because it's unplayable. We'll because the evidence is gone. But if the rape actually took place of Meredith Watson in the year two thousand and she had a duty legally immorally to come forward to this guy's a rapist. He maybe raping other women. And so she had the responsibility to come forward and say, I want this guy arrested that this Justin Fairfax character. Did this to me? It was young man probably about twenty one twenty two years old. He was a Duke. And so she had the I think the duty to come forward to stop them from doing this again and to protect other women, and if she fails to do so and Justin Fairfax is willing to go under oath, and at this point Meredith Watson as said, I think on Thursday or Friday, she's willing to go under oath, and how do you resolve Fairfax? How do you? How do you say? Yes, or no it happened. Well, that's the mystery that surrounds all of this. And that's why we have a judicial system in order to set out all of the alleged Alec or the allegations as well as the proof if anything should exist. But I have to bring us back to specifically. You know, the Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison who was recently elected. He had plenty of proof against him. He had police reports against him. He had women that had come forward with text messages and a history of abuse. There was a pattern, and as you're never as a criminal for criminal defense attorney, you look patterns in order to establish some sense of guilt, or at least a pattern of behavior rather that would preclude you to determine whether or not this pattern of behavior is really the person or the perpetrator that committed these crimes so far. We have two women that have come out against Lieutenant governor of Virginia in Virginia. A lot of problems right now. And so when the Democrats, you know, went down this road, specifically with just six Justice cabin on would even women retracting what they had said because they didn't remember or they had fabricated their story or they were pressured by whomever to make these allegations. That's why our fourth amendment and the presumption of innocence before guilt is so precious needs to be protected, and the Democrats really have backed themselves into a corner based on their ignorance or their or their their defiance of recognizing the law at hand in Megan Barth, speaking of ignorance, how about a new green deal that eliminates cars. All buses all airplanes and means railroad you have take a railroad to get through Europe or Hawaii. How about a new green deal that says that if you don't work we're gonna pay you not to work Stanford University said on Friday that the original eyeball cost this upfront would be something north of sixteen trillion dollars? I said sixteen trillion eyeballing up front and suddenly AO see because he represents the viewpoints of the mainstream media, suddenly she's the oracle at Delphi. How ridiculous is this? Well, it's so ridiculous that her staff had removed from her website when she originally. Once get with Senator Murkowski of of Massachusetts. I believe we've got seventy democrat but have backed this field. But now they're trying to say well, the deal that they announced to the public really wasn't the deal that they wanted to announce well, you can't take it back. Once it's out there the internet is forever. And so we have we have the socialist uprising in the democrat party the anti-capitalist uprising to put us back to the dark ages. Really? I mean, what about the ecosystem of the ocean? How are we you know, if they're environmentalists that they're really green? Whether it's not reading with them do you but green as far as environmental protectors? How are they going to just build these trains over the Atlantic the Pacific? How are we going to get to Hawaii? I I'm from California. I'm a refugee now from California that lives in Nevada. We were supposed to build a high-speed train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas status cost us, billions of dollars and not even a whole has been. Duck. So if the world is green and twelve years is Alexandria, Cossio Cortez claimed to be the trains, not going to get built in twelve years across any ocean. They can't even build it on land. Well, assuming we do all these things and we start living in caves again, and we stopped by the winds coming from the butts a cows, assuming we do all this does this apply to India, Pakistan. Does this apply to Russia and China are they going to do the same thing? And if they assuming they don't do the same thing, it will have no impact on the environment. Anyway. Well, exactly, and that's really simply the whole climate change, formerly global warming mantra of the socialist left is nothing more than a redistribution of left it taking from the haves and then redistributed really to government and it never filters down to the true needy. I and so what they said is that we'll guarantee food. We'll guarantee housing will guarantee jobs for all. Well, if your food is Brett beans and water if your apartment is nine hundred square feet, if your job is a little level job. Well, that's great, especially in socialist, countries you and I have many of us have traveled to European countries. We see what socialism looks like just because everybody is equal doesn't mean everyone is prosperous usually it means everyone is miserable. And so like Barack Obama said you didn't build that. And so this climate change Canard based on faulty science as nothing more than a socialist redistribution of wealth taking from the haves and then with the importation of the have not specifically third world migrants coming to our southern border, a legally will create a more dependent class. And that's why you see the Democrats the socialists turning their backs on American citizens and favor of those who are here illegally. So you see it there in Nevada explained the impact on illegal immigration in the state of Nevada, which is taken over California. Arizona I think in the next election twenty twenty of course, California's gone Nevada's gone. Arizona's gone Colorado has gone am I right or wrong that illegal immigration and the vote that generates a if turn those states to deep blue. Yeah. You're absolutely correct. And the chairman Michael McDonald, Republican chairman is now going to try to get a ballot initiative on the twenty twenty ballot in order to have voter ID, but illegal immigration affected us in Nevada. Here two weeks ago. Donald Trump acknowledged the family the three generations of the family impacted by illegal immigration. We had four murders in six days in northern Nevada at the hands of a nineteen year old illegal alien from El Salvador, he burglarized all four of them one of them three times. Use a gun in the burglary shot to women in Gardner Bill. California executed them years the gun from the robbery returned to the original place where he got the gun and then executed an eighty year old couple in south Reno. Now Gardner battle is a ranching farming community. They had not had a murder there in two years. But when you look at not only the crime, spike in Nevada, but you also look at how illegal immigration is affecting our communities. It's the same in Ohio, Iowa wherever you live that they are a drain on our education system. We raise the taxes, unfortunately, three years ago under a Republican governor of a billion dollars in new taxes. Well, nine hundred million of those dollars went to English second language education schools. So illegal immigration is a national issue affects each of our communities in a like manner, whereby are hospitals or education system as well. As our rights are being in our safety is being impacted by the sewerage and storage of legal immigration. Getting worse. I mean every month every year that goes by gets worse in Nevada. It is we believe that, you know, we're not a very densely populated state cart county is the major county that really determines the rest of the I said that we should have an electoral college in each state because our farming communities in Nevada are being decimated by the progressive policies and the unions in Clark county specifically, but we have we're not a sanctuary state. Yeah. Now, we have a democrat governor as well as the near supermajority legislature in Nevada. We only have one Republican that's really stopping the hostile takeover of the progressive socialist laughed, but this is a this is a design a template by Democrats in. We're at a takeover each state, and they do so by just reproducing the template of either election pride voter fraud. More what I call the clower heaven caravans that we're witnessing at the southern border clower Piven was designed in order to overthrow the capitalist system. This green new deal. L is the same thing. It's destined to overthrow the capitalist system. When Barack Obama said that he was four days away or five days away from fundamental transformation of this country. He meant overthrow the capitalist system of this country. And how better do you do it not for legal immigration, necessarily, but true illegal immigration whereby you create a series of crises like illegal immigration in these caravans that are pouring through legally through our southern borders in order to overthrow the capitalist system and create more dependency..

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