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I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my newfound outlook until Scott Wittman called Weltman had been my coach with the Kansas City knights the team for which I'd played before being called up by the bulls. He also wants been a sharpshooter for the Boston Celtics. And when I told him that I couldn't run or jump a light went on in his head. Meet me at the gym next week. He said, but I can't do anything. I said trust me, Paul. And so I spent the next six weeks of my life. Revamping the way I shot in the way, I thought about life changes were long overdue one year before Austin Crozier's need destroyed some of my internal organs. I've lost the use of my right arm after Mangla the break, yo plexus nerve and that arm by slamming my neck into a teammate's chest during a practice in Spain. I'd always been a reasonably good shooter. But since the nerve injury, my form the way, I shot had become a rube Goldberg machine all compensations and tricks to keep anyone. Knowing that I barely knew what I was doing anymore. We started small me in front of the basket. No more than two feet away. Weltman talking through the principles of shooting. He'd learned as a pro as my body healed. We moved further and further away, my form stayed the same wedman's voice was always there. Telling me to bend, my knees to shoot using the force generated by my legs to breathe by the end of the summer. I almost couldn't miss this, though, wasn't entirely because mechanics Weltman had me thinking about basketball differently. I got interested in meditation and visualization reading a book called the inner game of tennis. The point of which is to remind us that the cognitive side of our brain is often. Our enemy all the instinctive side is usually our friend. In August after my injury. A doctor told me the pocket of blood that had once been the size of a football had shrunk to something fist-sized enough progress that I could start running. Then my agent called the Phoenix Suns had invited me to training camp. My fourth such inviting for years once again, I would be fighting for a roster spot on an unguaranteed contract. Once again, the odds would be stacked aggressively against me, but I can tell on my first day in camp that something was different. The first time I caught the ball on a pass from Steve Nash. I took a shot without a second thought it's wash through the net. The next time down the court same result. I played in Phoenix as well as I'd ever played rarely missing the long jump shots that made Nash look for me when we ended up on the same team. I survived the first round of cuts, and then the second and then opening day arrived and glory glory. Hallelujah. I'm still on the Suns roster. The first time I've been on an NBA team in the season started done it. Sure. It had been a hellish year a hellish two years. In fact, if you counted that injury to the nerve in my arm, but that misery was all behind me..

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