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And i wonder then if that harks back to your father's experience in the war and indeed you growing up immediately post and with the shadow of the cold war. Yes i i mean i suppose so. I was born in the fifties and brought up in the sixties. But so were some people in this room. I imagine and. I don't think the my family's experience of it was in particularly different from anyone else's to me. The interesting thing was why no one else had really written about this. When i was trying to learn how to write i suppose in the seventies reading a lot of contemporary fiction by people of the generation older than mine rises like iris. Murdoch or anthony burgess or kingsley amos jon fouls fouls roads about the war actually in the migos all the maga says he called it sure you what. His own book was called. That's changed my world view but mostly these were people who are of age and it was never mentioned minority characters were they must have been thirty in nineteen forty it. Just pass them by but to me. It was something there. And i think growing up in a died force and being wounded and i just remember this being a fact. He never banged on about it. He was delighted. It was over and it was very sat on having a happy life in you know a nice house in a nice wife and two little boys and then i think when i reached the age of about sixteen. Whatever it is you. I become rather stroppy and questioning thinking well being brought up in this lovely family and they keep telling me everything's all right but we've had the cuban missile crisis when the world and then he was blown to pieces and now we have two hands of two rather unstable men hovering over the nuclear trigger. It isn't that great. Is it. So i think i wanted to know how we got there. And then what kind you know who we were. And then having written a few books about. I decided that human beings were very odd indeed. So that's what the moi latter books have been about. Why are human so awed. Well lane certainly comes from a very odd background if anybody has inherited trauma she has recent to you..

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