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Done sooner rather than later as far as other issues remaining on this team we talked a little bit about the defensive end depth or the edge right now and i think that is a concern day one. At least you've got christiane plan out there. And he's looking like defensive player of the year candidate. But frank clark's banged up. Alex okafor's banged up. My data's looked great. But after those guys right now on the active roster all you have left is working. Josh canedo who we thought would be a long term project. So maybe i'm a little worried about defensive end depth tim ward could help a little bit. Domoni harris can help out a little bit. If those two guys are still in the mix after today maybe this is a little bit less of a concern but as of today defensive end up has to be a little bit of a concern absolutely. Yeah absolutely. I think five defensive ends especially with one of them being in his first year as a defensive end you know being a career defensive tackle and then to the other two being guys that have injury problems and especially not just injury history oak for has a history but the injury history has been this preseason as well. That's just not good to me. That's why that like i mentioned earlier. That's why i'm super surprised. Tim were didn't make the team but i'd bet we'll see bet we'll see something. I don't think they'll go into the week. One just five defensive ends in rotation another part of it though could be wide receiver by committee. We only have five receivers on the active roster right away. tyreek hill is the number one receiver. We all know that but behind him it really is just whoever whoever's in that role whoever steps up at route truly is a committee at the wide receiver position. Is that something we should be concerned about. I don't necessarily think so. I think each player knows a role enough. And i think having you you know having the tight end group that we have. Now i think it'll you know diminish the need for you know great receivers i guess but stags. What do you think about the wider by committee approach. The i'm i'm really not worried about it at all. I think this team is going to continue to flow through. Travis kelsey tyreek hill. Hopefully clyde until air this year and then everybody else is just gonna fill in. So i think seeing mahomes being able to spread the ball out amongst a variety of different wide receiver threes fours. Fives whatever you wanna call him. I'm i'm okay with that. I'm not concerned i would. You like to see one of those guys. Just absolutely blow up and assert themselves. Sure there's a reason drafted nicole hardman late in a dynasty fantasy football league. I think there's you know there's a chance that he's the guy that blows up this year and then all of a sudden is not so much of a committee anymore but if that doesn't happen and every one of those guys has three four hundred yards five hundred yards receiving a couple of touchdowns apiece. You still have a pretty good offense all the way around. So i'm not too worried about that things that were not worried about. Maybe we should be excited. About how about this question from energy scholtz. It's a is a two. Am engine injure e. n. g. r. on twitter. I don't know what he's trying to say there with that name. I love this question. Who do you predict being this. Season's legit needs or community offense or defense. But i'm assuming when he says this year's lead he's talking about a rookie who just from day. One looks like a season veteran and goes on to be arguably one of the top five or ten in the nfl their position From day one as a rookie. Maybe even out of nowhere. So who's going to be this year a little bit of a stretch. My answer will be definitely. Because i don't i don't see him being a top ten player in his position. Like i do think snead earned last season. But you know. I think we just talk about the d. n. depth and i think tim were not making the team. I think it points to them being very confident in what they have in joshua canedo defensive end especially like we mentioned with the injury stuff. I mean you think they'd they'd wanna stockpile of that position of frank clark on oak for dealing with things and we haven't seen clark at all this offseason. He hasn't played any. Preseason games has barely practice since since the preseason kind of kicked off. And i gotta imagine it means a confident canedo and i think we saw some good things from him. He hasn't been. He hasn't been super productive like tim. Ward wasn't a preseason but you know we also shouldn't overrate preseason production whether it's a lack of it or a lot of it and so yeah. I think i got to imagine they like canedo. I you know i like i said. I don't think he's going to be one of the best defensive ends and illegal a sudden but what if he does become a really good passer specialists that can get you know four or five sacks or even a little more and really become a key. Part of this pass rush. I think. I think all signed appointed them being confident he can do that. In my opinion who do you have. Wow well first of all that that is that would be a surprise given where we started with josh canedo and it would be one of the greatest things that could happen to this team. This year it came. Studying is a even a five sack player. Much less a ten or more. This is a this is a tremendous defense was pass rush ferocity altay across the front. I can't imagine how much fun that would be for. Canedo to be a breakout player to be talked about on the national stage as a rookie. That would be just the absolute best case scenario. I can't imagine. I can't imagine this actually gonna happen. Man if it does that would be awesome. My guy i think is a little bit more of the obvious. Answer of the rookies. He's already talked about a month's chiefs fans as a legend traces is going to be you know demolishing on the offensive line is starting from day. One he wasn't expected to even the late around pick. He's gonna start from day one he'll be able to learn and establish himself as the season goes on. I think the chiefs got themselves a potential star if as much as a star can be at the guard position. i think. Trey smith has that potential He's shown at least on the highlight reels and he's shown the ability to work in the mental side of the game down so trey smith started from day. One late round draft. Pick developing ahead of schedule. You know again. Maybe he's maybe he's not a national household name anytime soon. But he's got a shot at being as good as anybody has positioned really early on in his career and a pretty exciting for traffic. And i think when you're talking about like who's the next need in terms of. Because i do think snead became a national name. I think a lot of people. Maybe not as much as we would like to see as chief's fan. But i do think a lot of people were touting him and i think trey smith the way he plays why how. He's such a highlight..

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