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Matt Riddle, Adam Cole, Ron Smackdown discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast


Let's let's continue the conversation, but let's just pause and do a quick introduction. This is the way Keller pro wrestling podcast special Tuesday flagship edition of the program. Thursday, we're going to be. The plan is to be primarily focused on previewing takeover, so we move the flagship the Tuesday this week to cover a broader array of topics and I'm with Keller host of the program. You can follow me on twitter at the Wade. Keller you can also follow our brand at P.. W Torch and joined by pro. Wrestling Torch, newsletter, columnist and host of the peabody torch casts Sunday night show wrestling night in America Greg Parks. He is on twitter at Greg M Parks Gregg Welcome back to the coast here. Thanks, wait. Do you like to host or co host more? ooh. That is a really good question. I do any any one of them for too long of a time. I really get the be on the other side. Really depends. I kinda thought that going to be your answer, but I wasn't sure that's why. I think because you're good and both spots some people are. Much better in the spots for for long periods of time, so it's always. Like on wrestling night in America I get to ask the questions that I really enjoy that, but you know when I come on your show I. Get asked the questions, and that's a nice break in a nice change of pace for me. Yeah, yeah, cool all right so back down gopher minute. Annex t winning the title to me is is a way to. Show that you are a championship level, main event, wrestler and It feels like almost a rite of passage to be a top tier guy, and or validates what people are saying about you or what you accomplished outside of an t in you're waiting for that to come to fruition, t whereas in Ron smackdown, and this will change over time, and we're still in a little bit of the. Annex T as a developmental show. That's an a very popular niche product on the network. To and and really I think important to subscriptions for a lot of people, and now it is one of the four major cable shows drawing. Close to a million plus people a week, all told when you count dot network for for St When you count the network rerun views. You know approach a million just like Awa does. So. We have to eventually we'll change your mindset probably as the as the business changes, and we're still not sure I'm going off here, but we're still not sure about how shows are going to be turned. The idea was always well. You know he runs somehow shows, but not as many as wwe, and they run some network specials, but not as many as roster. Who knows when we come out of this kind of covid, nineteen pandemic era business structure of Wwe Hall that shifts, but where we are now and where we have been. Is Sort of feels like if you're a rising STAR IN ANNEX T. A real like a gimmick performer, but a more mainstream act. You should get a run with the title. Kohl's how that for a long time. Has Adam Cole holding it for a long time and again I'm in favor of long-term champions in Kohl's a good example of what I drew McIntyre to be I want to be talking about drew celebrating being. For over a year, Becky Lynch did I. I'm in favor of not all, but a little more than if. Probably more than half a title. Rains like have them be a year plus. I think it makes title seem more important intolerance become a marketing tool as opposed to just profits, being passed around for hot shotting, so all of that said, has anyone missed out in in past year? Who would have benefited from getting a chance to be champion? Even though I'm against it for say three to six month run. Is has someone been bypassed? who think either is still there and we'll get it or or lost out, and I throw out there for instance Matt Riddle about him. Coal weren't around. I could have imagined Matt Riddle. I'm still going after -squitoes here. I could have imagined. Matt Riddle having a run, and in so the question about him, specifically in anyone else in general is is Adam Cole. Actually hurting call ups, not blaming Colbert is Adam Cole's long reign, taking something away from arrest wrestler getting called up after having achieved championship status. I really don't think so and I think the only wrestler. You can make the argument. You know that that maybe should have. Taken over Adam Calls Rain Is Matt Riddle, but you know I. Don't think his popularity was hurt by not being champion. I know there were a lot of people who wanted WWe rocket riddle right to the top of exte- as soon as they signed him as soon as he debuted. You know that didn't really happen although he was in. The major scene and the main event mix, and he was portrayed as a top star, not a title holder as far as champion, but he was still portrayed as a big deal in annex. T you know you look at Gargano and Champa. They've kind of done their thing. They've had their turn with with the championship. Keithly Die Jakovic have been doing their thing Damian priest. Not, quite there yet, fin, Baylor you know being. Sort of rejuvenated in some ways in annexed T. His main roster run in the credibility. He's gained to a certain extent from being on the main roster. I don't think he needed the title and I wouldn't have argued if he'd won the title because you know. When we still look at Ron smackdown as sort of head and shoulders above an X., T. at this point, so if you're looking at Finn Ballard coming down to annexed, he has been. The biggest star he should be portrayed as the best in the championship. Be The best then I guess you could make the argument that Baylor should have been champing at some point since he's been in an xt, but you know the other argument is, he doesn't need the title. He's got the credentials from being on Ron from being seen as former universal champion. He doesn't really need the t title so I. Don't really see.

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