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Db digital radio. Just having a look at Asian Stokes on the Wednesday session down about four tenths of one percent. But ustralia is an absolute standout the six one hundred actually closing at its highest level since December two thousand seven as inflation came through virtually unchanged zero inflation in ustralia quarter-on-quarter in March one point three percent rate over the year. This has got these rate cut bits arising. Of course, we're also getting some numbers coming through from associated British foods, the owner of primary first-half revenue coming through at seven point five three British pounds. We are expecting from very on unless the prospects of an improving twenty nineteen to twenty twenty sugar margin should support associated British foods profitability despite the reversal. They're saying their foods full year outlook is on changed to something to look at what we're seeing in. In the ongoing market session. The OSCE Dollah has been hit hard on these inflation news down by nine tenths of one percents. Seventy three nine and we're seeing yields it as well. So Australian bonds absolutely rallying on the back of this inflation data. Elsewhere, you have seen some weakness coming through in the Chinese equity markets today. The Hong Kong Hang Seng index is down by half of one percent. And we have seen a little bit of muted action, shall we say from the CSI three hundred it's pretty flat at four thousand twenty two points. We also of course, had a targeted MLS operation coming through from the Nissan in Tokyo coming through the full year operating profit of three hundred eighteen billion yen. This is versus a forecast of four hundred fifty billion yen a very much amiss there. In terms of Nissan will already watching that stock full today in the Tokyo session. It did come through with some Ilian news. And Danny Sanchez off by four percent in Tokyo as we heard Nissan also citing adverse fourth quarter off. Operating environment. And of course, citing the impact of the recent corporate issue that is the Carlos going arrest on their sales waiting for some other numbers coming through just having a quick look elsewhere at what we're seeing in the commodities market to and the aluminium steel prices coming under a little bit of pressure. And of course, we've been watching very closely what's happening in oil. Brent crude down by a third of one percent. Seventy four sport to six. Let's get to some of the other breaking news across the Bloomberg. And the UK launches a search for the next Bank of England governor, it is all happening this hour. There is a lot happening on the terminal. Indeed. But let's stay here in Singapore with David finish from the markets live team joins us, and you know, as mentioning Dave about what we heard from the in terms of Ozzy CPI today obey rate cut is that pretty much a lock in now of his son as far as Marcus party, definitely expectations food. The key thing was not just the. Log missing it really was the to call meshes miss the mean in the weights Megyn waited mistake Kuala considerable amount. So when you combine those two the the arguments the being on hold is Sonny, which is quite law. It may be white to see print which is in July than they have mantra segment of August for the markets even thinking bring forth in that they will tend to even go in may the one thing about my, of course, is you have the election the wants to dabble the right Cup election. So it might spun it, but I think certainly by August at the moment, we could expect right cut by the. Yeah. And of course, you know, they're waiting for the latest jobs numbers to when we look at currency moves, obviously, we'll talking about the Z being smashed. But the the US stola had over a one month high is this going to Cape rallying near term. I think I think it does. I don't think it's not because Donald inherent Donald strength. I think there's some of that. I think the GDP data this week will help both to that by getting. I think it's more just a weakness in the rest of the. The economies, particularly your I think you look at what the donnas during his training about the one twelve hundred. We start pushing blow that and touch his one eleven seventy seven breaks blow that then that really when you're and I think with the status because drank everything with it and hence by Defoe for Donald get stronger. So I think the interests are skewed towards more dollar strength just winning on the spot here because we're all getting more lines that the UK will hold interviews for the governorship of a some of the UK expecting to make a governor appointment in the autumn. I know you follow the Bank of England very closely any inside here. No. I think it's been CC who wants to Vokes subsequent tricky. Well, give them what is going on right now. I think basically who whoever gets it at the moment DaMarcus so concerned with what does Brexit that? And I think the near-term because it looks like with the blue style, my thing, the risks of the stern is scuba downside. So I think the B O E. We'd no it's in the forefront by getting that's really happened to next year. So in the meantime, I think sunny near to Brexit dominated and the the cable, I think. Askew. Downside. Bloomberg's David finish. Thank you as always for real time market, commentary and analysis. You can check out markets live. That's M L IV on your Bloomberg terminal. Now onto today's top stories. We get back to earnings news today. Credit Suisse's main at trading business. Swinging told prophet after two quarters of losses. That's Switzerland's second largest lender emerged relatively unscathed from what rival UBS group called one of the worst environments in recent history. The Bank said it's quite cautiously optimistic about the second quarter as client confidence returns and positive momentum in March continues into April, and we hear from chief executive officer John later this hour onto other companies that performed better-than-expected this quarter Twitter topped first quarter sales projections and reported strong user growth. The shares jumped the most in almost six months. Bloomberg's Emily Chang spoke to Twitter CFO net Siegel who commented on the company's next targets. It's been growing in this range of nine fourteen. Fifteen percent for the last couple of years. The work for us is to get out of that range by continuing to improve the service and give people a great experience when they come to Twitter and equip disclaimer, Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg radio produces tick talk a global breaking news service for which among others reporting robust results. Snaps first-quarter results exceeded already high expectations. We get more from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett. La- report gave investors another reason to be optimistic for a revival of the social media company. The parent of photo messaging apps Snapchat sales rose thirty nine percent from the previous year to three hundred twenty million for the three months ending March. Thirty first analysts had projected revenue of three hundred seven point four million, the Santa Monica based company also saw more users flocked to the platform from the previous quarter the first increase in that metric in four quarters. Charlie pellett. Bloomberg daybreak Europe in. Now, the techniques Facebook among the company shed your to post first-quarter results today. Bloomberg's Jeff Bellinger has the preview analyst ratings on the social network are overwhelmingly bullish Facebook's fourth quarter results showed little impact from regulatory uncertainty. Bloomberg intelligence says pricing is likely to pressure revenue growth in the first half of the year. But Facebook stories is setting the company up for outperformance in the second half..

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