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I i'm talking about back to back right So because he looks. So unstoppable you know. The enemy of my enemy shown legacy and dairies. Lockhart actually teamed up for a minute now. John davis over well so legacy hit. His finisher actually paid. John davis right. So we're down to sean legacy and areas which you know is kind of the the Luke skywalker darth vader. If he will yes yes During this during the rest of this fight here kitchen somehow showed up at ringside. God's self involved he did get Not down pretty quickly for his trouble. Then oh and night in montana. Black got involved obviously One on one fights. One thing for sean. One oh four. A little bit different so Dairies got the one. Two three and the unknown celebrates in the ring. And i gotta tell you this. I think the show ended about ten after nine. Nobody left their seats for a solid ten minutes. Just link keep yelling at their displeasure. Dairy is caleb in the rest. I've known Cut shaw was not out there with them. I would note that But the rest of the guys. Montana whether out there and nobody moved and so to me that showed that she needs to the booking their kudos to caleb kitchens on that so it is darius lockhart. Really izzy regaining. The title iffy never lost it to begin with That's the question for josh hancock but you know i. I don't think they should've named undeniable named it return of the king. Oh yeah man that's That's pretty good right there. Well there is lots of art. I think there's a movie that has that subtitled. But we don't talk about those. Oh really i didn't we don't we don't talk about it. That's something that's something you and i ever discussed. So maybe that's a topic for another day. Another podcast trust me. People the people i want to hear that. We'll we'll know. Exactly what i got ya i got ya. I got ya so good. Crowd saturday night. People went home well. They didn't really go home happy. They went home angry. But that's good But but they voiced their displeasure with darius lockhart. Once again you know turning his back on the fans and side with the unknown. What's what's next for shown legacy. How many times can the main get knocked down and out of contention and especially gets you know a lot of a lot of hot stack odds against them. I mean here's the thing. He does not actually cashed in his title shot. Right what about a still separate from that right well. I didn't know those got done away activities right right well. Vowel pro wrestling is returning. Uh june twelfth. Today second saturday. That style will be correct. Jean twelfth they're going to be back at the sunset auction house tickets on sale. And when they do you can pick them up We'll put those in our show notes as we get Closer what you know..

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