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So you're not champion out there, you know, Brian Ortega guy that they're really trying to promote them, then say, you're just, you know, meet to the wolves euro. So for me, that's what I was again, forty five days to fights. I lose twenty six and twenty eighth didn't tear. It was either you fight or that was my my contract for sports you'll fight now in twenty eight time, you're probably not going to fight again until next year. It's like that's more than four to six months. And I don't know when next year is I don't know if you're saying early next year mid next year with the end, so we're going to hold me for, you know, my my my basic contract all along gonna last me. You know, I still have to pay my Bill this up to do different things. I have the now since being adult. So it's it was a struggle. But with brave I had no what's Logan. I know and being taken care of it. Well, I have to ask one question about this just have to do my due diligence. It does sound like they cared deeply for you in. This is going to be a great deal. It is tied to the butter any government, which does have some human rights issues any concern about being in business with them. As a consequence. I'm honestly, no. Because I'm not a very political person. I don't know much about that, you know, from what I see I do talk to the shank. I do talk to Mohamed shy hidden. I do talk to everyone involved in brazen cage. But for me, that's never come into my light. That's never come into my life. I'm not saying it's not a problem. But for me, this is not what folks folks in. I'm fighting building my croon. That's just what's in front of me. And it concerns not concerns. Exactly. But like you're going to be fighting in Manila, you'll probably fighting in buffering to publicly fighting places outside of the US any concern about that. In terms of building a brand as a US entity. For me. And this is something brave is doing as well as the US markets detect, you know, everyone's really trying to get guaranteed opportunities. Very very little, but there's not many stars outside of the country. I mean, I went to Saudi Arabian, we're we're in the mall in Saudi Arabia just hanging out doing over workouts in people Reno my name before I'm even science the promotion or even publicly signed to the to the promotion. So it's it's a huge thing to finally in a sense nail. Why why can for example, Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines, be huge star in the US? But we can't be huge star for pains. So for me, it gives us a different market of. I don't want to just be known around USO want to be known around the world mainly for being a two time. I'm fro- champion. Now, Senate time Tennessee defending champion. I wanna be another champion Nefer me as a hopefully to division Bernie champion. That's around the world is global promotion. That's the market. I'm looking at. I don't know what your views were on fighter unions before have they changed as a consequence of this process. I wouldn't say they changed completely because I do believe there should be something more for fighters. The union is obviously very hard. Because fighters are expendable we come and go to our injuries constantly in. It's it's insurance wise and Bill and all that stuff. It gets extremely complicated. But I do believe fighters easily should be paid more. Because again, I thought once you know, defending trying to win another ball for Tennessee broke, my hands for my CFO, saying the fight for another six or seven months, and what happens just in case if that fight ends up backing out if that fighter ends up getting injured than I have to wait possibly a few more months. So, you know, the pay is very low for someone else's entertainment. What did you make by the way of how TJ dill show looked at one twenty five he made the cut but the fight ended a little bit early..

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