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Good morning this is the California report im penny Nelson always start today with news that fire fighters who fought the tubs fire in two thousand seventeen ended up with abnormal levels of mercury and other dangerous chemicals in their blood afterwards that's according to a new study from UC Berkeley and the San Francisco firefighters cancer prevention foundation San Francisco fire chief Ginny Nicholson says firefighting equipment is not protective enough this study is sort of the beginning of what we hope will be some change for our members that are going on wildland urban interface fires they do not have enough protection officials say the chemicals may have been released by the burning structures moving on a Nevada man found him under his jeep appears to have died after his vehicle fell off it's Jack's possibly as a result of one of the ridge crest earthquakes last week Nye county authorities found the fifty six year old man Tuesday afternoon in rural Nevada about a hundred and eighty miles northeast of ridge crest and a hundred and fifty miles or so from the epicenter of the quake going on to healthcare California has for the most part been able to protect the affordable Care Act from the trump administration's policies but it will not be able to protect it from a court decision invalidating the entire law California Attorney General how their best Serra's office was defending the fifth circuit court in New Orleans yesterday the California reports lily tamale spoke to Attorney General this Serra before the hearing this case is not playing out here in California it's playing out in the fifth circuit in New Orleans specifically which is not considered as friendly as of territory to be Frank as it perhaps the ninth circuit would be does that concern you justice is supposed to be blind is so it shouldn't but because we're all human there could be a decision that comes out of the fifth circuit that isn't humane and is certainly not in line with justice but we'll see we we make our case and we thought that ultimately justice prevails important to know that the lower court has already ruled this unconstitutional their meaning your challenge yeah it's a hard decision to both understand and accept that an entire healthcare law that protects hundreds of millions of Americans would be thrown out because Congress took action in a tax bill the government argument here is that since Congress got rid of the tax penalty in twenty seventeen in that tax cut bill that you mentioned that the ACA is now unconstitutional now the Supreme Court upheld the this law in twenty twelve saying that Congress had a valid right to to tax and so therefore the ACA was upheld but what is your argument innovative well first I think the ill logic sequence of what you just said which is being what what is being argued should because a lot of people to be concerned in the first place that a change in a tax law should cause an entire healthcare system to fall but here's the second part that I think is it clear argument why the affordable Care Act should continue forward Congress did eliminate the tax in the affordable Care Act they simply zeroed out the tax so they eliminated the amount of the tax but they did not repeal the provision that provides for attacks so it's still on the books in a span ones books given that how could any court find that the entire healthcare law that provides hundreds of millions of Americans with protections and access should fall because Congress to a tax provision reduced the tax to zero that's California Attorney General Hodierna Serra speaking with the California report lily tamale no one another healthcare front California has become the first state to provide healthcare coverage to young adults living in the country regardless of immigration status KQED is Meena can reports governor Gavin Newsom sign to the bill S. B. one oh four into law yesterday California will expand its Medicaid program known as Medicare how to low income undocumented immigrants ages nineteen to twenty five the state already covers those eighteen and younger regardless of immigration status the move is expected to cover ninety thousand people and cost taxpayers about ninety eight million dollars a year president trump has called the move quote crazy some state lawmakers also wanted to include undocumented adults sixty five and older.

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