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Bunch of money on car insurance so that was good and so was hanging out with his grandson. It's Paul Finebaum. Show Tim Girl if you listened show you know we're GONNA hit a lot nineties country. If it's up to me there will be absolutely no there. We absolutely no country from the modern era because that's not. Really Country Music eight five five two four to seven to eight five by the way you can text me if you would like and I get the text directly to my phone. This is a good way to interact. If you don't WanNa put your name on what you say seven seven two seven seven four five five four and I get these text right here. I already have one when I met you gotta understand. It's a different kind of caller here. Unlike your show. You have to let them talk if you cut them off. They'll get upset. We've done this a lot. I unlike Paul I don't analysts let people go on and on. We've got things we have to get to your still bitter about it on this show then on K. S._R.. That's your your quick on the hang up button on Kesar. We've got a lot to get to on that. Show on this show a little bit more time. I've got great producers here Spencer Alan Spencer. I can't see the call thing because I'm looking at a sheet of paper and a picture of Mike and dog if you could if you could put it there all right so but before we get the phones athlon magazine I just picked up the athlon as the preview and they say many things but one of the things the athlon preview does is they write the S._e._C.. Coaching jobs best to worst okay not the best programs but if you just had a choice of any job best to worst which one would you take. Let me ask you have not seen this drew I have what do you think the best job in the S._e._C. is. According to Adlan we'll go with Alabama see. That's what I would feel. It's not what they have. They have the best coaching job in the S._e._C.. Georgia Second Alabama Third Florida Fourth L._S._U. Fifth Texas am. I think that's nonsense isn't it I mean I guess the theory is if you go to Alabama you got the legacy of save and you have to go yeah. They have to be considering following. Say Georgia probably has a better recruiting base because the state of Georgia produces more players but Alabama is college football right like if you're talking historically the programs that when I think college football if you're putting the Mount Rushmore of college football programs you're putting what Alabama Notre Dame U._S._C. Ohio state. Is that WHO I'm putting on it yeah. I don't know you'll see maybe I'd have to look at throughout but that's probably what you're doing. Georgia is probably not in the top ten so that's odd to me that they would have Georgia as the best job. I don't think I agree with that and as we just learned ten minutes ago the fans that's all everyone talks about his Alabama. You're around Alabama football. We just the first caller how the team's going to be so the fan base is by far the most passionate too. I think I would rank them Alabama one. I would rank Florida too. I mean I know they're not now now. What is now but Florida's a job? There's players ever on every street corner. I'd go Georgia three. I'd say A._M.. Four and L._S._U.. Five I think those are descended. I'd probably put Auburn six. I'll still put l._S._U.. Over eight they got a lot of talent Louisiana and just has all the money Texas has a ton of town and has all the money most. I think they probably more money than every school in the country huge fan base I mean it's a sleeping giant in terms of they've always underachieved because they were in the shadow of Texas but they're not anymore so anyway. Let's go to Matt in San Antonio and am by Fan. How are you man Jones? Uh No one time about the alien news..

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