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Station. Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Day after day off on Monday. Just after to Jared Goff is back on the show. You're not here for the Dan Patrick show. It look there's no excuse gone. Get the hell out of here. I was going to go a different direction. I didn't know what you were doing. I was gonna tell him. It's okay why because you can catch up at any point on the Dan Patrick show app. Yeah. Embarrassed the host day. I guess okay. You'll be left behind the moving here. Download the Dan Patrick show app store or Google play. Catch up on everything you've been you never gonna get enough to appease everybody. It's free. It's easy. And it's on your schedule. The whole season down to one game. From the AFC patriots from the NFC. Super Bowl fifty three. And the Dan Patrick show is headed to Atlanta. Meanwhile in New England bringing Tommy current he's the patriots insider NBC sports Boston patriots are going to win the Super Bowl. I think that America. Why why why why why start? Boston. Country on the question you stopped taking calls from Massachusetts in all border. Broadcasting from the Mercedes man mankato's. Here's.

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