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No. Is that going to happen? Almost? Certainly not because Jerry's been the strongest against kneeling, and he's, I think he's a President Trump confidante. Can I go that far? They've had phone conversations and yet he's also very close. This is where the mixed emotions come in to one Phil Knight owner and operator of one, Nike. Phil Knight specially made Jerry a pair of Jerry Jones memorial sneakers. Remember that wear for his hall of fame induction and proudly wore them on stage for that. Yes, straight from Phil Knight. So they are very close and have been closed for a long time. So there are a lot of cross ties here that that are very interesting, no matter the issue to one major Joan love more than. Issue is money. Yeah, and he felt that the kneeling with causing him money. Right? Jerry looks at it. If one person refuses to buy beer or any piece of Dallas, cowboy merchandise me Colin Kaepernick took a knee. I'm losing money well, but here's the thing here. Nike money to get that money regardless. He's going to get it. And if they by Colin jerseys, I think the NFL's going about it with him because he was top fifty and he wasn't in the NFL NFL say, nah, we don't want his money. We don't want it. We don't want it took a knee. We don't want you sell. The jury. Go, pull up today. Can't fail them, didn't. They did way to go all around is Nick Savin mishandling his order back of. Saint Nick. He loved the next class here. He will join us next. Save an officially announce that to. We'll start Saturday against Arkansas state, but he added that Jalen hurts. Skill set will be used quote in the future, say, even use both quarterbacks in their blowout win last Saturday, but he came under fire. I post game interview with ESPN's, Maria Taylor, save got testy when the QB situation was brought up, then he called Taylor directly to apologize for joined by FOX college football analyst. Joel Klatt and ledger. Here for this job. I've been wanting to ask what you thought of it but has been been mishandling. The quarterback situation will. Yes and no, right. I think that his interactions with the press have been less than positive. However, I think he's been fair to both guys and I think that's what he needed to do. You can say what you want about what happened last year in the national championship game, but it remains to only played for one half and their chips were in the middle of the table. He had to play too, because what was going on in that game having to throw the football and to made a couple of really bad mistakes on the interception took the sack right before he threw the touchdown and overtime. So I think Nick in the back of his mind thought to himself, I believe that we're going to need to have this battle carry out into the beginning of the season, even though all of us at their and thought, boy, you've got a different dynamic skill set with two than you do. Jalen hurts. Now, having said that, I think he was fair to jail because Jalen had just led him to two straight national championship games now to may of one one of them, but Jalen let them their only two losses as a starter and as a player, that's all I can ask for is a coach to be fair to the opportunity that I feel like I deserve. Serve, and I think hurts deserve the opportunity to start and now moving forward to earn the opportunity to start. And I think that can be a distinction between the two. He's handling it okay publicly not very well behind closed doors as a player. I actually appreciate the way that he's handled it. You've handled is well, if you could a part of a part of me thinks that he handled this way because he didn't want Jane hers to transfer right. And he knows that he, he, they hit away on of quarterback, Jalen hurts being back into ballgame. But what coach they was able to that tonight on five of the six drive to let them to touchdown the only time that he didn't wide receiver fumbled the ball in the red zone. He was great and any saw Jalen hurts..

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