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The next is is is a mess there but it it seemed like nothing's leaving a is is a means the mills is still there and and i just i don't know if if if he up to the task we'll find out in the next couple of days i'm sure yeah thanks for taking my call i appreciate your diet it's i really wanna see you know i wanted to do well know how many things of onto the next do well to it'd be nice to have some basketball team in in new york to knows what they're doing and you know what you're doing means the front office has to know what they're doing now getting when a melo that's a plus what he get back hopefully is draft choices you yang get ryan anderson that's because you don't want his contract and maybe by trading melo you know it's it's a domino affect down melo opens up some money that you can go for rondo will bring back rose about it from what i understand whereas we in it that he uh mills as want road back at all and ronald rate talk into the the with lakers so who it be easy to see which way this is going bags again if if i wake up tomorrow and they said adding deals off i would be like oh no i'm a night it wouldn't bother me at all if it if it's on as is it's on if his office off this is one of those deals is too many moving parts to be involved we come back talk a little low boxing and low blow more baseball and basketball by the after this here's a great story about a fellow long islander kathleen jiang who grew up in the hamptons started begging and selling cookies for her family's farm stand as a kid and opened a bake shop named after her dad tate in southampton her uncompromising.

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