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Of the show for a long time Michael hardy is such such a precious part of this he is the author of unknown America and the provider of this website he's got a podcast and what he does is he talks about this notice and I'm not America alone you'll learn why portraits of the declaration of independence are completely wrong I mean the rate leveling stately the slave is sued for her freedom and one wonderful during this African American black history month about the slave this is for freedom and who really invented the airplane that goes back to my home state of Ohio or maybe not Michael Hart welcome back to America trends thanks for having me AB and I got to say it's a big day for me because in fifteen years of doing some form of talk radio or political commentary I've never been referred to was precious never referred to as a precious well you know what I first read when we were talking about having you on here on the for any website it says cranky Christian conservative and he just might throw something yeah it typically is a fit or ran one of my caffeine induced rants because right my program is live from seven o'clock in the morning until nine local time and I'm not a morning person it was basically the kind of work that time of day where you don't have a job but you know I get up again I doubt it intravenous line a caffeine going to be a walk out the door take it to the studio and I got a pot of coffee in me but I hit my second break you and I should do a thing on ancestry because I bet we're related I'm not a morning person either but when I saw the you will throw things in your cranky conservative Christian I said well he's a he's a show and we should have won every week a little bit inside baseball real quick I think I doctor Laura Ingram she was broadcasting it on time and I was actually with her and I was in the studio whether at all of the air Larkin throw extreme fits she's got paper flying she's regular people don't think I'm a brand new talk radio I was I guess is the way it's done that's what I've been doing it that way ever since Serra Pailin and I know doctor Gina who was the premier host of this program America trends you gave her her first job in radio back in the day Jesus today hi I talked to her today you did all it we're just so pleased to have you still affiliated because it's all in the family we just really love it so I I just don't know I wouldn't leave it up to you because you are on the front lines of what's going on in that area what your callers had to say we finally have numbers enter my what the people are saying we need to pre canvas we're not taking them seriously so now we have the New Hampshire primary and then Joe Biden taking off candy last much longer well he's still polling very well first place nationally I think we're going to have to wait and see what happens in South Carolina in fairness to creepy job pretty much knew he wasn't going to do a whole lot in New Hampshire that somewhat of a long shot now the polls are there still open but what's funny is that some of the polling places in New Hampshire are so small that when they reach a hundred percent turnout they disclose couple were close in the clock this morning with one percent of the vote actually being touted to this point A. B. club jars actually in the lead but we're gonna have to wait and see if she's a command second third or whatever the case may be buys that could do anything here but the real issue for five years can he find race what I find really interesting is considered worries from but is not doing very well in the New England states and I ended you know across the board and so will he last saw Carolina the financiers can be the ones to make that determination but a bit of judging standards continue down the path where I in any club chart comes along Warren's not pulling too well up there either these days platforms not taken root so it's going to be engine to see how much longer he can go over to comment on the air today he's got the money he's got the time else to do so why not just keep campaigning yeah yeah well you know Warren had a little miss staffed one she was basically saying you know to the stage show speaking to it's up to you but she called New Hampshire Massachusetts and stad they all seem to be getting a little fatigued and you know that really that really matters because being president it is not a it's not a job that you know you need a lot of energy and president trump we always talk about are we getting our money's worth because he doesn't need a lot of sleep and he just seems to have endless energy for someone who is what is the seventy seventy one all right right and you know it's interesting it is that it's one thing for the president to not remember or even know for that matter with the Kansas City Chiefs play my mother lives in New Hampshire and and my sister actually was already up the staff of in in in the new haven Connecticut it's all my family's from my part of the world muchos basically from New York but the point is is that there's a real distinct vision of themselves up there that was being the original colonies they have a very unique identity and attitude to misstep like that's a big deal for ward yeah she she tried to cover it but I mean what do you do I also found Michael I don't want to pick on or too much because they're they're equal pickings to go around but she didn't say I'm not beholden to anyone I'm telling you things because I believe in them but she has been caught in so many lives.

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