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Flow doesn't make sense and so although some of that could be attributed through some google analytics or multi touch variant analytics or. Return an ad spin where we feel like. There's a huge advantage to looking at an emotional side of purchase. That's where you can get a lot of really good insight and make better decisions on how to properly communicate to the customer so walk me through some of the mechanics of doing this. What are the platforms that you're using to basically take the multi attribution return on ads ben and spin it forward and get a picture of not only the qualitative with the quantitative data as well. That's really hard and hopefully everyone has listened to the first part where the first thing you gotta do is clean that data. You need to make sure the data is craft. Make sure that it's communicating the right thing making sure that qualitative data's talking to the quantitative data. So you really can't get you a customer a proper customer journey analytics until all that is done from there. obviously there's a lot of platforms out. There that can at least accumulate all the data domo tableau at least will get you some basic platform dashboards. That you can at least start to get some information from and then ultimately our goal is we want to completely customize that customer journey analytics. Unfortunately we haven't got to a client where we could completely do that from soup to nuts so really you're just kind of cutting it up into pieces so taking that qualitative data again work completely platform agnostic so other us call tricks or merit or any of the other qualitative data loops out there. We'll take all that data will put it into a dashboard. Then we'll use whatever platform they're using internally to ultimately get you a place where you can communicate the data to the clients and then again google analytics. Google three sixty. I think is a really good example for a larger company that you can take a lot of multi attribution Information and get information from there but again for us ultimately our goal if we could ever get there with the customer is completely build out a fully customized journey analytics actually tells you on demand how people are feeling how they're thinking where those drop points off. Unfortunately we just haven't got there yet. It seems like that's the holy grail of having one singular system that tells you your adspend in your marketing efficiency where the pain points in your customer experience. All the way through the feedback loops and referrals since that doesn't really exist. What advice do you have for marketers. That are trying to get a full picture of what's happening with their end end marketing experience knowing that they have to. We've all these tools together. I think google three sixty does probably the closest job. It's expensive though so again. It's going to be dependent on how large the company is that. You're trying to get out there. If you're a smaller company and you have a pretty good base of what those touch points are really start to get some qualitative data from your customers. Understand how they're feeling and thinking throughout the customer journey is super super important. Don't just look at data from google analytics and make the decision based on when they exited off the page really get emotional triggers and qualitative data from those customers. I think is super important. You're gonna get a lot of really good information by looking at qualitative data versus quantitative. I would say at the very least start to gather the data start to ask the right questions at the right time along the customer journey and then i think we've touched on this too much. If you take a bow tie fun you flip sideways on the left side you have your attract your nurture your convert your engage and then you have your cell and then on the right side again. If you expand that funnel of the opposite way then you have the adopter. The loyalist the advocate and then ultimate is the brand ambassador. So how do you get a customer from someone that has just heard about your company to ultimately becoming a brand ambassador and telling their friends and family. It's about the data. That's about making sure that you're communicating the product or service correctly and then talking to them after the cell making sure that they're happy and making sure that you're solving any problems that they have as much as we as marketers and data driven marketers love systems and in gration and funneling data from one place to the other without a perfect system which in most cases does not exist. It's your job as the marketer to be that system to be able to take in and interpret all of that data from the multiple different systems and figure out where the breakdowns are happening in. That happens by interpreting with qualitative and quantitative data. That's really the job of marketers to take all the data that we have across these disparate systems and understand where the problem isn't go fix the next problem to make sure that we're not only attracting customers that they're converting but that they're also becoming advocates and supporting the brand and generated recurring revenue and to add to that. I think the most important thing as a marketer that you can do once you have all that data and youth looked at all the data and you've made the decision make sure to tell everyone in the organization make sure to tear down those data silos and allow everyone to see that data. Because that's going to be the most cohesive way to not only make sure your customers are confused if they read a blog post and then they go to the website and then have another experience with your call center for example. You need to make sure your call center saying the same thing as you're content team that saying the same thing as the website team and that all comes back to democratizing that data making sure. Everyone understands what you've found closing the loop trying it again doing the data again and then continually evolving that message based on the data. That's coming in. It's not just enough that you understand the data that it needs to be shared with the rest of the organization absolutely. Hey want to change subjects. A little bit. I know that at rocket source. You're obviously doing some consulting. You're helping people understand how to do. Digital transformations helping companies do their journey analytics. You also run rocket labs which is creating some really innovative products to help marketers talk to me a little bit about some of the products that you've created at rocket labs. How are you helping marketers. Create content distribute that content. You've got a lot on your plate tells a little bit about that side of your business. So that's where the fun is right as much fun as consulting with other clients are when you be able to build your own internal products. That's where the passion lies and so we have. Currently we have two products. One is in the marketplace. It's company called pulse motives and it is a customer conversational audio guidance tool meaning anyone can record an audio piece. Like this podcast. Maybe thirty seconds. Maybe a minute long and within a few minutes you can actually get that up on your website. And what's cool about our product is. We allow timed triggered. Slide outs on the website when you want it to happen. So for example. Let's say you put up one minute audio pulse on website and in thirty seconds you mentioned something about a coupon we can actually have triggered slide out at that exact thirty second mark with the coupon delivered to the user on demand right there. So what's happening is you're allowing to use a personalized voice to guide users down a certain path on website so that product is live. It's pulse motive without an e. so p. u. l. s. e. m. o. t. v. dot com. Feel free to check it out as a really cool product. We're seeing some really great analytics from customer saying on website longer as well as conversion is increasing the second product that we have that is currently in beta is a company called platte stack. It's a platform to stack your links and were super excited about this product again. We'll be invaded for about three more months. But what it is is it's an ability to not only save and digitally organiz all your links into what we call stacks. The ultimate goal is to be able to share those stacks or share your knowledge with the world. So it's allowing you to curate knowledge. So for example for myself. I might have five really good websites. I use for color psychology and choosing colors for brands. I have a couple books that i've read that. I love about brand psychology. I've a couple of websites i go to. This platform allows you to accumulate all that knowledge of all the links of all the websites and it allows you to share that knowledge with the world. They can follow you. They can click on all the links with one click. And it's a really cool way to not only organize yourself but also help educate other people that are may be interested in a subject matter that you might be an expert in steven. You're a man of many towns. I appreciate you coming on the show and talking with not only about your consulting practice but also some of the innovative tools that you're building to help marketers and be interested in using voice to help distribute some of their content aggregating content and helping people find best in class into being curator at check the tools out the really interesting. We're going to start integrating some of them into what we do on the mar. Tech podcast steven. Thanks for being a guest on our show. And then i really appreciate your time. Hopefully listeners found value and feel free to reach out. If you have any questions for me my love to talk to other people and see what else is out there. All right and that wraps up this episode of the mar tech podcast. Thanks again to. Stephen tiger chief product officer at rocket source for joining us. If you'd like to learn more about steven you can click on the link to his linked in profile and our show notes. You could send him a tweet. His companies handle is rocket source r. o. c. k. e. t. s. o. u. r. See where he could visit his company's website which is rocket source dot co. If you're interested in pulse motive you can go to p. u. l. s. e. m. o. T. iv dot com and for the content aggregation tool platt stack. You can go to p. l. a. t. s. t. a. c. k. Dot com a special. Thanks to hub spot for sponsoring this podcast. If you're ready to align your team to a single source of truth to get a clear view of your business performance across marketing sales services the whole team hub. Spot will enable your team to adapt and evolve as fast as the changes in your market through data back decisions with powerful custom reporting and built in analytics to learn more about how you can scale your company without scaling complexity could a hub spot dot com and also special thanks to conversion fanatics for sponsoring this podcast. Look the biggest. Roi is always optimizing your own web traffic. 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So you can reach your goals and start setting new ones to re imagine what your agency can accomplish head over to wicks dot com slash partners. That's wicks w i x dot com slash partners. Just when lincoln our show notes. I'd like to tell you about if you didn't have a chance to take notes while you're listening to this podcast head over to tech pod. Marta c. h. p. o. d. where we have summaries evolve our episodes and contact information for our guests. You can also subscribe to our once a week newsletter or you can send us your topic suggestions or your marketing questions which will answer live on our show. Of course you can reach out on. Social media are handle is mar tech pod. Marta c. h. p. o. d. on lincoln twitter instagram facebook. Pretty much everywhere or you can contact me directly. My handle is benjy shop. 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