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Affleck the narrative it's been going on for years for crying out loud their fine their fine proudly there fine wool not only that but there are very rich people thank you with lots of prospects yes who are um mm who are perfectly capable of a of taking care of themselves right jennifer garner she is an independent woman and the wider why do you feel like they are responding constantly because in this case to the news that ben affleck is getting it on with lindsay shook and that jennifer garner is sign because her publicity team has created this public image of jennifer garner based on her relationship to ben affleck she's not really doing a lot of work we don't see we see jennifer garner in movies occasionally but they're trying to push this narrative on us so that her career remains relevant to the conversation but what i'm telling ten for garners publicist today mighty bag of the day just stop it's okay we don't need to know that she's doing just fine it's very obvious leave us alone leave us alone all right we will leave you alone jennifer garner um but you may just want to tell her people to shut up you don't they can talk about bradley at nantes ziam i will her child is wearing child eggs no well that the child is wearing child ag's that jennifer garner still the seat team can talk about the cat video festival all they wi fi about that yum yum yum yum the cavity of estival 2017 c h has field you guys tuesday august eighth and cap perkins she's going to be performing we have animal charity exhibits fireworks the event was so cool last year you bring a blanket you bring the kids he bring the family ten dollars each for tickets kids five.

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