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Attackers diesel homeboy died. whole offer rest in peace poker. Yes one the one The Gauges yes. He's got he's he's on the one for one talk about that is. I have not been to the movie theater. This century really this century. What's the last movie You saw? Do you remember? I think the only gone with the wind. I'm not remembering where I saw people like that. Don't it's just that they're trying to take a smart thing in general? Not Not for me like Oh. I saw this movie here. This guy directed like we get a little pompous. Really candidate who gives her dark blue route. Almost watch correct correct. Stephen Hope you're on that dump on you know get amped up during this bro. Sick or one for one here in the Bros. Guy Pete number two WHO's looking to To win in with one hundred dollars gift card bills yes now. I don't want to stir up emotions here I hope. You don't get riled up now Kirk. Pats failed to mention this name but I got. Don't Pete I e Peter you a pats fan trying to steal share that bed download trying to get too worked up but I gotTa know? How many career. Playoff wins the great one Thomas Edward Brady stuff to think about. I know you think about the good times. Yeah so he you know he's number one the superbowl par-three eighteen eight typical bros. Do automatic lock character. Okay Matthew Thirty thirty thirty piece..

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