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From NPR news in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Singh. Disease Trackers at Johns Hopkins. University are now putting the total number of people infected around the globe at more than four hundred thousand from the krona virus in this country. Nearly fifty thousand people are confirmed have been infected and six hundred have lost their lives Cova. Nineteen New York side of the largest number of fatalities is expecting corona virus cases in the state declined to Astra nominal levels and peers Z. Lo Wong reports the latest projections show that newer hospitals will need to almost triple their total bed capacity and his little as two weeks governor. Andrew Cuomo says covert nineteen cases in New York. State are doubling almost every three days he says a state may need as many as one hundred forty thousand beds forty thousand. Icu BEDS and thirty thousand. Additional ventilators by early April during a news conference at one of the temporary hospital sites. The Army Corps of Engineers Building in New York City Cuomo compared the state to a canary in a coal mine. What happens to New York is GONNA wind up happening to California and Washington State An Illinois? It's just a matter of time. The governor said New York is so desperate for ventilators it's trying an experimental procedure. Shares one ventilator between two patients on long impair news New York Cuomo. Another state leaders have been critical of the administration's rate of response. Going back to the first moments the. Us witness the speed with which the virus spread across China F after it emerged in John in December but president trump gives the federal response high marks in a town hall on the Fox News Channel. The president responded to criticism that he has not followed other hard hit countries and ordering a national lockdown. He says that's a bad idea for the. Us You can destroy a country this way by closing down where it literally goes from being the most prosperous. I mean we. We had the best economy in the history of country three weeks ago and then all of a sudden was supposed to shut it down and there was supposed to pay people not to go to work. We never had that. We used to pay people to go to work. Oh millions of Americans are at risk of losing their jobs amid the widespread closures and other disruptions from the pandemic with that comes a threat of losing their health insurance coverage April Dembosky of member station K..

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