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Disagree. I thought the the Jordan. John is a lot harder than I honestly didn't mind the right to say challenge. The only thing that I really hated without freezing cold, the water was. But I thought it was wasn't too bad, but the door from John Bob Samak. He's credible and like. Oh, my Gosh, you're saying and all I have to say. During that challenge, Mac you made it pretty clear that you wanted sky as a partner and you even asked ally. Yea. Sky And we later found out in the show I wanted skyline to. Yes, so he wasn't giving up. What was it about skyline? That made you want her partner back. Honestly before I even entered the challenge I didn't even have an idea about who I wanted yet. It was still like floating around, but I didn't really think about ours too much. It was while I was up there and. In the last two was like Ding I trump I at least let me get the person the one person that I want so. It was like who would that he. Like. Probably Skyline so it was like okay. My K. Elijah I drop. We'll give me her. Like I didn't mind winning. I didn't really want to win. Just wanted my partner, so that's why. Ultimately, was it. Was it the her personality, her performance in the first challenge. Like what was it that made? You want skyline everyone else. I think it was mostly her personality like. I feel like when we communicate with each other. She always gives me like a different perspective on things like she never just like agree, she's always like okay. Yes, but what about this and I think that's a good trait to have an apartment? In both want the color green or Our calm down over there. Oscar did not.

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