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The guy that pulled that together khalid sheikh mohammed was picked up shortly after and i believe he's still a guantanamo he actually wanted to come and testify against gina hassle according to an article of articles that i've read now i just think it's too bad that we couldn't have had khalid sheikh muhammad come in and testify against her confirmation because i think if anything would have assured her confirmation it would be that but there were several senators who were more than willing to take up the cause of khalid sheikh mohammed and call into question now this was the guy who was waterboarded and let me just say right now it doesn't bother me that khalid sheikh mohammed was waterboarded it i am not someone who wants to see torture inflicted on people just for for for laughs and giggles but i think it is a mistake for us first of all you have to define torture i mean i assume just being captured by the united states has to be torture of some sort you're held any imprisonment i assume it's torture anyway so this is the the first exchange we'll play we'll play them for you here i guess i have five in toto so let's this is this is california senator dianne feinstein now you have to understand dianne feinstein she's being challenged she couldn't even get her her democratic convention in california to affirm her nomination as a sitting united states senator now i'm not going to suggest that politics has anything to do with this display hi diane feinstein but you can make that decision so she's questioning hassle about the socalled destroyed tapes and a book that says she was the head of the interrogation unit under a fellow named jose rodriguez and by the way as i understand it the the interrogation of khalid sheikh muhammad actually lead in whether or not it this information came out as a result of an i'm using air quotes here torture or not actually led to the driver of osama bin laden which of course led to osama bin laden in pakistan and led to osama bin laden's death but we'll put that aside for a moment i just want to remind you this is a modicum a model of virtue senator dianne feinstein but it also exposed how the program was conducted because they were tapes of the actual interrogation of certain of ninety to detain knees as.

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