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You two million more a year than the Bruins on and I'm just throwing numbers out here for the sake of discussion to bring you back to your home state. Do I wanna go back and begin the process of complete and total reboot re-build. which is what I think. The Red Wings are in the process of trying to do here. Knowing full, it's like when Damien. Woody won a super bowl with the Patriots and went out and signed a big money contract with the Detroit Lions. It already one hardy had his ring. He went out and got his money he got paid. But. Do you remember anything about what he's career? From the time he left here and went somewhere else now. and. You would think. And if you're Torey Krug. Rain here I understand that but. If, you get your money, but you're playing in Detroit. And they're in rebuild. How do you think your life's GonNa be your hockey? Life is going to be you know your your. Financial is GonNa be great, and that's all good, and maybe he wants to go luminaires, family and I understand that. But if you're talking about hockey. It's going to be walk. East you mentioned this. He's twenty nine to be around for rebuild like data I mean. Realistically the redwings aren't competing for another four years minimum I mean I. I think it's longer so you should be. WHAT THIRTY FIVE! When the red wings make the playoffs for the first time in his time there, let's just say signs. They're right back, i. mean what's your again using that? As an example? I'm not trying to suggest that's what he's doing. I'm just using that as the example. Now. And that's the thing and so the and I still somewhere else kings or another team that that that would have potentially the money for him there another rebuilding team again this off season aren't a lot of teams that have the the cap space that are good. The can sign him. I mean. Yeah, you can go get your money with the red wings, but the thing is, it's it's his hometown, and that is home stay. Home State, so that's sort of another thing you have to consider. The Red Wings are good, historically a good franchise, so they're. Six it's his home state. I'm not suggesting. Humpty organization. That's not my point. In a in a finite hockey career that Tori crew has. How. Much winning is he going to be able to do there?.

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