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Your letter here that live on the air. You never know it could be yours. Hold on tight. We got you here. It is strawberry letter subject. I don't like company. And he knows it dear. Stephen shirley i've been married for seven years to a man that is wonderful in every way except one. He doesn't respect my time or my privacy. I knew him for many years prior to dating him and we meet as friends for dinner and drinks when he was in between relationships. It went from relationship to relationship before we started dating because he is the type of man that does not ever want to be alone. He would always say he was out of my league but he grew on me over time and asked me if he wanted to if we could start dating since then he hasn't wanted me out of his sight. It was cute at first but then he got his family all in the mix. They are very clinging. And there's a lot of them before we got married. I had to go. Cookouts birthdays weddings and church with them. I don't see my own family as much as i see his. I husband doesn't understand that. I need to have people around me all the time. My husband my husband doesn't i don't don't don't need to have people all around me all the time. He's a professional chef and partner in a new restaurant so he works long hours. I look forward to the peace and quiet of our home when he's working but he seems to think he's depriving me of quality time and i'm bored or lonely. Still have a sisters or his mom stop by unannounced and they sit and chat for hours. I've had to literally put on my pajamas. Like i'm going to bed so they'll leave recently. His youngest brother asked to stay with us for the semester. Since we live close to the college my husband told him. He's welcome to stay without asking me. I he knows..

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