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Great. Thank you for taking my call. What I'm doing? Shit. I post and beam construction, okay? I got some old raised panel doors of the church Chicago that they tore down. I don't wanna use those on doors double doors to go into the shed. How neat my concern? My concern raised panel. There's the panels or plywood and I'm concerned on somehow to conceal or to seal up the choice between the styles panel. So that they can still but not take on moisture the Alderwood is white oak. So I've got a good would work with as far as type would. Wow. How wonderful and these doors are going to swing out. I'm gonna guess. Yes. They're gonna swing out double doors. So I can get the more in and out wonderful, and you're doing a brick veneer. Are you doing a brick veneer over plywood? Well, it's a. Opposed to being instructions on going. Oh, yes. I would I've got the break-up already. So that's that's down to the door. And you're doing this yourself. Yes. I am designing everything. Wow. Congratulations. What's the footprint? What size? It's twelve sixteen. I'll be darned. Well, that's wonderful. So you're I'm I'm gonna guess that you're probably wanting a really high quality caulk. Yes. Yes, I call. You're talking about a little bit ago about a bond over would. And that's kind of what struck my. Yeah. Is a is a pretty good sealant. The problem is that. You need something. That's a little bit more flexible if you're going to try and protect the edges of the plywood. No, they're wide open. Beautiful. Would I wanna see them? You know, the the the top trim that you put on the door and side trims that. You put on the door can easily be. Managed by you know, data wing piece of wood and capping the edges and installing the cap the Dato would onto the plywood with. Glue and caulk or a really good grade of polyester polyurethane that about or polyurethane caulk. But if you put the same trim on the bottom of the door, you don't. Dato it into the door. What you do is. You just run the bottom piece of trim flush against the door and Bevill it on the outside downward. So that the water that hits that piece of wood will flow downward, and you will. You will. Glue or clamp that bottom piece to the sides and the base of the door and that because if you Dato the bottom, eventually, the rain will get into that trough and destroy the bottom of the, hey, Dale, do you have a Menards in your neck of the woods? We do. Yeah. I tell you Menards is mid west. And oh, boy, I I remember walking into the first Menards. I just took my breath away. They are probably one of the neatest big box stores out there. They have a nice selection of polyurethane caulk, and there are two that are of particular. I think worth mentioning that are great brands one is locked tight Loctite is really a great brand and also P L P L stands for professional line. Pre- PL adhesives and sealants their polyurethane. Cock is a great performer. So I would think that the answer to your question simply is polyurethane caulk. Okay. Great. And then paint. Yeah. And I would use I instead of a paint and primer in one I would use a high-quality exterior grade primer designed for the product that you're. Painting. So for example, you would not use the same primer for brick if you're painting brick or plaster that you would use for would there are different primers, and I would use the product or surface specific primer, and then a high quality brand. Acrylic. House pink. And if you do that that shed will not only look beautiful, but it will be durable easy to maintain. And last a long long time. Great. Great sounds good. How nice of you to call Dale. Yeah. Thank you for your information. You're quite welcome. And by the way, you know, you can call or text on the house at eight hundred seven three seven two four seven four if you'd be kind enough to text the picture, two of your shed. We would love to see.

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