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Through channel view. I'm Julie hardy on the Gulf Coast windows dot com. Twenty four hour traffic center, a few showers possible here this afternoon, otherwise partly to mostly cloudy skies with temperatures climbing into the upper seventies. Mid sixty tonight, scattered showers and storms Saturday, especially through the afternoon. Highs again in the upper seventies, cloudy and cooler Sunday with a couple of showers possible. Highs low sixty s I'm meteorologist Ken Boone from the Weather Channel showers are moving. Into the northeast seventy-one in Conroe seventy-two at the KTAR h top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center. Twelve one our top story. The Matagorda county sheriff has looking for thirteen year olds Ziya Williams believed to be endanger, she's black five three one hundred forty pounds with black hair and Brown eyes. She was last seen in Markham Texas crime stoppers is asking for the public's help. Finding two suspects wanted for the murder of a Papa John's delivery driver last night happened around nine thirty at the KENDALL. Manor apartments on Inverness forest near FM, one thousand nine hundred sixty this resident heard the fatal shot he was just laying in between the cars black juke was right here. And it was still on what the yellow lights on. And when the officer came and shine his lights, you could see the Papa John's pizzas instill in the back of his car. The man who ordered the pizza told police he saw to Benfleet in a silver car. President of Papa John's Houston released a statement saying the pizza chain plans to pay for the drivers funeral services. Harris County DA Kim ogg says her offices marijuana diversion program has saved taxpayers thirty five million dollars in the past two years. She says those charged with possession dropped from ten thousand before she took office to just three thousand per year. We've been able to help police as a result of this program. Saw more robberies more rapes more human trafficking cases, narrowing the gap between the serious crimes that are reported and the crimes that are actually saw about two dozen rural Texas police chiefs and sheriffs spoke in Austin this week opposing any efforts to decriminalize marijuana statewide, congress is voting to look into Texas is review of a list of voters whose citizenship was questionable. The democratic chairman of the committee on oversight and reform sent a letter to Texas attorney general Ken Paxton saying he wants Texas to provide emails with Texas DPS paxton's office governor, Greg Abbott, and the Trump administration Texas has admitted the flaws with the list. Which turned out to include naturalized citizens. The state has until April eleventh to provide the documents to congress. Nick ranking bitch News Radio seven forty T R H for the third time. British lawmakers have rejected Prime Minister.

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