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Brusett like he don't one that's moving like a network and promotional free agent. He go where the money at. And if the money right now is for him at one. Seventy five or top ranked. The cause was sixty. Eight is all tied up. Okay let's go to seventy five. Let's get joe but we don't need to tour. We have to agree. Cannella was locked in for two fights and now he he's able to negotiate. I don't know like. I don't know that i can agree with that. Because zone does not seem to have the rights that they had before with them. They don't whatever can always doing now. It looks a lot like it's doing. He's doing whatever he wants on his terms or he ain't doing shit. Let me look this. This is another way to answer. This question obviously Do you think zone would allow eddie hearn to put on another fight in america on another broadcaster like nutty right then. A right then. So why would eddie sign canelo for to fight deal and shot the fight. You can't shop the fight. He's bed with zone. So those two fights with zone mohican. No no wait a minute. That's not true. He can shop the fight but known has right of first refusal to fight. They have right of first refusal. Hold on a minute. You gonna tell me that you and i are going to invest in each other's company literally via stock and then i'm going to. You're going to allow me to sell you a fight. Come on if there's a better deal if there's a better deal for example for example is to my knowledge design is not yet available in australia and i think a lot of fights american bro. I'm breaking a debt bromberg. I'm breaking it down for you. You're asking how how that could be the how 'cause to my knowledge does matchroom fights in australia shown via on shown via foxtail to my knowledge. I don't know i would have to ask somebody that. Lives there like bridges and somebody to my knowledge is not yet available in motherfucking australia. Sort of boxing they get is probably probably by way of foxtel. That might be similar situation here to where you can shop the fight if you wanna shop the fight but disowned has right of first from fusible more particular. This compensation we talking about any. Oh my bucket fight wade talking about billion way. We talked canal and all these other fighters don't got the same deal that got and you know that i just can't believe you think a dude who's been given a billion dollars from zone is going to have a contract with it. Does own now zone gift on birth canal. Oh no no. No that's cool. You know exactly the one. And he's the one that's attached to the zone. Eddie yes do what the folk he warned. What the hockey. But eddie's exact words is. I'm happy to be the guy responsible for responsible for bringing cannella back zone. Remember that he did that. When can nello sued does zone and golden boy. it was edited. Said i brought him back to dissolve. But somehow you want to say. He's not on disowned. But that's okay. Let's change the topic. Who do you wanna see. Andy in the ring where he says in the article that he's in talks with deleon. And louis. my poll seventy percent. Want dillion agree. I want billion because they've been talking shit to each other. There's more buildup between delhi and andy Them dues been talking to each of at least a year. Maybe a year and a half they got to shut up and we gotta get back to that in boxing to where if they legit got beef. Make them fight. That's a better fight. Maybe andy knock his ass off. Maybe you're not indio 'cause andy. He got put on his knees. But chris areola so you never know. Anything could happen especially and heavyweight. Boxing if i got to choose between them to i want andy ruiz versus billion white luiz ortiz versus the winner. Roy bizarre book versus Frankie sanchez yeah jiwa cova near you. You were when they fight if fighting out so book when they fight. What do you think about that rumor. javid enersen fury. Anything is possible. Man it's also sorts spa and stories. He probably did put the pause on him. The last time we saw puree on camera his face was all marked up. He had that yellow. He had the yellow robe born and his lip was boston. And his and he had Scrapes on his face so maybe dip with the pores on them all right angles. Ain't going to say. I mean anything is possible. It's possible to do really cove is possible. They line but shit is possible. He got beat the fuck up. His farming is possible. And ain't none of that. Anything is possible. Right now Swell.

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