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The Dick. Jay Telling you. Can't say something entertaining. Then shut the hell up. All elite wrestling has finally shown off the final product of their action figure line and people are feel. Really haven't seen them for the fucking decided Mickey. Canetti curl. You have the curl important really. Listen to. The! US I will give you a quick rundown. Basically they ringside ringside posted a picture of their final products just wanted to go into Iraq, and he said. I was going to a some pictures were prototypes, but most of them were final, and people are furious because the the the Hickory Hitler the images. The images the images are. Very bad. People like Kenya Mega has black hair. The face scans are off. By it because I'll. Just a by so I. Know that it'll be bad. For Him. pre-ordered one of them. It was the ringside collectibles exclusive Chris Jericho a little bit. The bubbly one where the box it comes in is literally a bottle of a little bit of the bubbly. Comes with him the championship and comes with the it comes with the table with all the. On the shit when he won them when he when he said. I think it's Jericho Bucks Kenny, cody and hangman. First line the ones I look irregular. That's Ono Brandy looks terrible. Cody looks bad young bucks. Brandy, too, because nobody's by over. Here's the thing that everyone here's Randi. You'll see. You'LL SEE BRANDON ABC in two weeks. A brand new. Two weeks no, but. People are upset about this part in particular. Because when they first were announced, the figures looked next live awesome, that was great, and it was the difference from then to now. They pull the watchdogs. You know when the watch those with a trailer and. You could see the reflection of. People who don't really know video games people that are missing if you don't know video games, I'll give you just a quick synopsis of the game that everyone was hype about game of the year turned out being shit, so the graphics looked amazing in the Demo and being terrible, so a lot of people are furious about this. People saying that they want their money back actually pure two months ago. Too Don't you I do that? You could bring back I'll bring back home and. I'll bring back the ramp. Things Roy. Bring. A. Tonight I'M GONNA play. Shitty, wrestling and playing. Worn. Officially a new fourth of July Stream Tonelli's gentlemen. I don't know what I'm doing. Do some shitty wrestling, but I don't think we comment on that disappointment of the fucking fans I guess really crappy. I'm going to. I'm still waiting for the video game which? Anything on you guys on. Whichever is any kind of you. Saying announced that she's not resigning her contra. We talked about it, but I'm like so sad about that. I said it the fucking. Her real shoot injuries also then. She misses her husband James. I'm so my husband husband. I'm gay Something about? Elaborate on the thing, so she announces she's not going to resign, and she's going to go back to start 'em. Go back to a year starting for one year, and then officially retiring then. I presume start a family with old US. Thirty thirty only turn. Those injuries are good then. I guess this. Is after your Oscar her like a big hug on exceed this week, but I still did they they're going to. Want to work GONNA WANNA work at angles. They are Y- US Cairo's regionally is supposed to be pencilled in for a story with Oscar, going into Sunday somewhere. either. Oscar somebody else to enter career or some some at that Oh I have a story Oscar I. Think is going to carry it something. Should be don't WANNA. Take her out. I think so but. For anybody. Listen to this now that during this month, this will be the last time you see Kyron. On Raw television, because this, the two quick links first thing I have to mention which It's it's. We missed a funny one. Just want to do a quick. Funny One we missed the you must the one about the A minute. Funny Story Edge was in on a podcast this week, and he was discussing about how he tore his tricep. I found this the funniest thing ever. Booker T. said that he tore his tricep by pointing. said that he was at his wrestling school and he did this. I'm coming after you and he said when he just did a point, he towards. Try some of the bone. How of an old Mu can you be that? Your should tears around the bone of pointing I mean the? Tournament is because they walked to their battles, Yo. Well should have I guess. And finally the final piece of news I have. Is that yet? That's the one. That's the one the mayor of Knoxville. This is the real funny one. It seems like the man who is in a mask is entire. Career is against them as Kane the mayor of Knoxville Carville. County was the only person in the vote he voted knows like a one to seven and was the one. The majority, isn't it ironic think Wednesday there was a vote to approve a mandate that would require most people to wear face masks in public and the panel composed of six medical professionals from various fields and cain everyone. Everyone voted to approve it but Kane I wish that all the seven people turn toilet domestic you all one bit on war when he voted. Shipping showing different versions of the masks. Hundred to Knoxville and everyone in the I. Want everyone to wear it around the neighborhoods like. Little films came. Came as it just the most ironic and fucking concert story was. Source might be the most contradicting. To. Make sure that this was an caveat for Real I. Really had to check that because I'm so disappointed. I'm so disappointing. I will. Also like like ray mysterious at some. This I just can't think fucking Oscar you wear a mask for fifty years, and you don't WanNa wear. My He's public right and my. Point is like do what are we doing well? What are we doing, Bro, honestly I kinda was going our mayor. No. fucking funny Blasi will be the worst team in. You're doing anything then. Another pocket change. Put a pin that one. Ready or were his fucking instagram pick wifey. Yeah, hold! off the couch. I was scrolling through my photos and then found this. So why don't. Just like hot asked why in love because now? He's on the best run ever. Posed got me in trouble because people people. I'm talking with. While you're looking not having another, you know. They were like I was. Somebody will love me like some. He loves his wife and I'm life guards. Ever see you take a Selfie that way you're done. Bipolar of yours. Best. It's just awful also. I still can't get over the catch just scrolling through my photos randy. Randy's on cloud nine. If I ever hear, complain about anything, he's bugging Fox were him. He's living life. You. See the whole run now. What it was he had. He had kids on her on his. Yep. She had a work and they only have one kids between them Yep yeah. Love boy. I Madman. Fan. This radio before you move on, is that. Twitter game is the fucking best because it was like when they're talking about actually take over your house and like all this great show it like hold on, so I was supposed to be impressed by A..

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