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Apparently Tarantino to fight for that. Did you know that I did not wait tarintino? Apparently did a lot of behind the scenes fanatic Ling, and we're him to win the Oscar for him to come from Italy guy. So all he was seventy eight didn't wanna fly and for him to get recognized crazy stories about the I remember reading articles inhering Tarantino talk about it like he had to really vie for it. Marconi was. And then when he got it. He obviously loved the knowledge like finally guys catch up. Yeah. But yeah, I found interesting Marconi's done all kinds of John roses. Well. But the good the bad and the ugly. That's for all the whole film him again. Yes, you're right. It's gonna stand the test of time the reality movie. That's a lot more than didn't do them renewed. Totally wrong. The whole scores is really really good. Yeah. What kind of instruments is that? Now, I'm really interested in thinking. What is the didn't? I mean, you'll that. I guess. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. But he also uses a lot of strings. Bombomg that's Qatar right guitars strings progressive snuff. The choir rightness, so much more than just the flute. Exactly. But also, I love just how they're recorded because part of what what I love about older film scores like that and Bernard Hermann and things, you know, older scores in general is the performance, and the editing and the whole process was different. You know, like modern film scoring processes. I think people get so used to hearing sample library, especially composers and producers and so on that they kind of mock these things up for them to hear an approved. And then once they have the live orchestra. I feel like they often tend to try and make the live orchestra sound as a samples whereas all those are Coney scores. There's so many imperfections. There's so many little hearts where the rhythms. Awesome man comes back in intonation is a little bit wobbly here, and this and that, you know, but it makes it great because people are actually performing a phrase in one take in. They're actually there's a human quality to it. There's an emotion behind the performance of it. I always find that with that thing and stuff when when something is like, polished diamond. Yeah, you can appreciate it. But when there's like acting just a good example of performance can be so roar, and brilliant. But when their imperfections definitely like they skip over the lines. They mess up like boogie nights. Great famous line from William H Macy because his wife's like a porn star. And she's always having sex with people and the guys like doing okay today. And he's like, no, my wife got her dick and my ass. Wrong and the direct to the neck. You're upset. You're annoying gonna dick hand he's at the line wrong. And they kept and it's so affective because. Yeah, it's kind of it's imperfect. Life is imperfect. That's funny. I feel like acting in scores. The trend is almost kind of opposite. Right. Maybe not. I feel like was maybe more polish. Yeah. You know, back in the day a little bit more more formal of different now, it's a little bit. That it just made me think of that. It doesn't even have to be acting and just that example may be kind of think of when you listen to music. That's just you know, you can have like a perfect she of music, but the sounds I love affections. Yeah. Yeah. I think elevates also even just the process of recording. I think part of the reason back then you didn't have that as much because you didn't or you couldn't technology wise recording to tape. You can't just go back and punch one bar because you want to get that Choon. Whereas nowadays with pro.

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