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Mums kicking back. Having fun and talking about life relationships family motherhood and moore welcome to the madness that is our lives a forty nine votes single kids age between fifteen to twenty one in march two thousand and sixteen nineteen was diagnosed with stage to press council of her left. Breast yesterday tells the constant Polity unfortunately the council is now ten. No and there's no cure In words she's just flying time. Not just being an advocate for breast cancer since diagnosis. She's been interviewed by all genres of media local to her wishes based in south africa as well as internationally she also has a facebook breast cancer awareness page and she founded a private breast cancer center. Group helps women and their loved ones through their emotional mental and physical activity of the journey. One in eight women will be diagnosed. Suppress is indiscriminate age gender nationality. And you don't need a genetic predisposition to get rest council please note will include all relevant support links and details on our website page for this episode so for now. Let's welcome nadia to the show. Let's say not yet. Thank you so much for agreeing to come on the show today and talk about your experience with really on it and privileged to have him sauce. So we fest met on a facebook group. The three of us on Medicine up until the moment. You shan't story. I just assumed you just a regular key to mom. You're trying to do is a bit of winning coming up with some new recipes but when you said that you battling council on that it was ten. No we were completely oil struck. I mean you always come across as really vibrant positive industry. Help happiest time. And can i ask you. How do you manage to stay so positive in the face of such as not isis seem. It's absolutely wonderful to be speaking to you. Ladies first of all. I'm not always happy to get that straight. I'm always happy. Can't say he's a journey right so we can have a good days and days however i am single mom of four children and that quote him shoulder but they really adults house. They range from fifteen to twenty one years old. We just try to win each day for a day and then be go onto the next day and by. We need each day for me. Winning means taking the rule sips waking up in the morning getting into the shuttle eating well trying to exercise communication with the kids for me. That's winning the day. Yeah so. I suppose that probably does radiate a positive attitude but by no means am i positive. Twenty four hours a day seven days a week. 'cause i mean you still managed to get through. All of this is just absolutely amazing to me so oversee you've been battling cancer for fee has now how have you changed as a pass throughout janney however you when you first diagnosed compared to how you are today give you a little brief history that goes beyond the bio that you probably have given about me so i was diagnosed in march two thousand sixteen. So that's more than four years and eight months into this journey. To be absolutely honest. I was really different person. I was absolutely my vibrant. You would not catch me sitting on the sofa for five minutes a day. I was a go getter. I empty force so a few years ago for financial reasons. I had to go out to work. So i was working six days a week coming home and slow doing my thing as a mom suddenly without any warning with no symptoms no genetic predisposition. I actually decided to go to the gynecologist.

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