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I mean government is this radical concept is actually supposed to serve the people, you know, rather than the other way around. So there are lots of. Ideas, better ways to do things that come. But it does require. Not tweaking the system you can't go into a jungle with a pair of sheers and make it into a kind of a straight boulevard. Paul Romer, the recent Nobel prize winner is made this point that basically the only way you succeed with failed institutions is you create a new is to to you keep the constitution you keep the goal. She congress you keep congress, but congress by talking about congress, really. Needs to go back. One point committees had much more power. You have twenty people. And those twenty people could get together, and they basically have the authority to decide how something worked or didn't work. Well, that's a manageable number now all the powers in the leadership and the leadership is completely preoccupied with making the other leader, look bad. So nothing happens. Yeah. Come this past February twentieth for the powers author of the book. Try commonsense conversation with Nora Walker who's the president of New York public radio. More of this conversation is available on our website at C hyphen, spin dot org. WCS from Washington coming up next on book, TV and pan radio..

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