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One homeless my father clifford product really worked for lockheed his entire career starting the 1930s he retired and ninety seventy six or seventy seven and he was the head of taking illustration by the time you finish and so he had top security clearance and several times i remember when i was younger he would disappear for a week in a wind we're not allowed to ask where he was going and then when he retired and the long after he was released a clear to talk about this he i think we were watching a you've all show on some cable channel late at night you know when i was visiting my parents and he was driving his head off because he's at all i was at every fifty one that time and there's nothing like that company not at all so that's what the older other roadrunners they as well so it's it's pretty well documented it's all tiredly mythology that the secrecy created and of course the air force ncaa we're happy to two loud to continue you could have very nice chapter in the book where eu di di towel they said all right area fifty one and what's really going on there right right and i reread reaction actual skeptics aside a field trip to a couple of years ago in the winter time to goes closed air fifty one is the roads allow you can't go past the security checkpoint but we did that for the skeptics hiding there's a very funny little uh uh is to she called the alien lou alien on the north side of the base near rachel nevada which is just a little tiny a wateringhole with this restaurant and motel and handful a trailer houses is all it is and they have the of this amazing displays on the inside we're all this ufo stuff is on the walls and movies that film out there often you go little alien and some of them are actually used alien in the movie that so legendary place in any way so we did and erica fifty one trip there are a couple of years ago i went to las vegas uh two years ago we last year for christmas with my company in in the game is like some adventure made to go out do different things those two years ago and we went to my my wife i took off.

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