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Chad Congo against the tally Minakov returning the heavyweight champion returning finally after all these years, also the legend miracle croak up against ROY Nelson. We're getting see that rematch. Erick Silva is going to be returning as well. And Valerie Levada making her debut Michael page. My man, thank you so much best of luck to you. My hands are sweaty. So I'm gonna give you the pound. I don't want to infect you with my sweat. What a pleasure what an honor to have you in studio all the best you there. Michael venom page, he faces Paul daily on Saturday at the Mohegan sun in Connecticut. And in a matter of seconds, Paul Daly is going to be joining us in studio. Here's a quick we fresher on the mandate. Call semtex. Paul daily is a knock out artist. Markelle pictures. So there you have it Bill to one six MVP versus daily Mohegan sun uncles vote Connecticut, again pretty stacked one and there's a card on Friday as well that is headlined by metro own versus. Sergei Ivanov theory is pulse. I'm Staley forty sixteen. And to look at that pro record former cage rage welterweight champion. He is fought in the UFC has fought all over the place. He is somewhere here. He's about to enter the studio in a matter of seconds. Hopefully, they don't cross paths. Hopefully, there's there's security there. And there's is on both of those individuals busy weekend coming up in the world of mixed. Martial arts like I said Bill tour on Friday bell tower on Saturday metro versus Sergei. Hurry, Thanh.

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