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Have shown in Russia I team manager attempting the forty seventh of her home today's good deed she will attempt to the school to little old lady across the how does it stay there close stay calm cool evenings challenging themselves to get on the board one hundred acts of god see this story is a neighborhood dot com twenty twenty four seven come in about four oh four new raiders wide receiver Antonio brown continues to deal with controversy now poorly threatening retirement if it is good uses old helmet it's a version that's been banned by the league for safety reasons matter said to be going through an arbitrator with a ruling expected early this week meanwhile looking the giants for their first preseason game in the rear view mirror we get the support from our own pulled Tino Gail Jones was a perfect five for five with a touchdown against the jets coach Pat Shurmur says it was a good first step keep playing keep improving I said all along as well as he's been training college there's many things that he's doing for the very first time and those things you need to get wrapped both on the practice field in any games Schumer added that the young secondary also appear to control despite such an experience mistakes goth halfway home northern trust Dustin Johnson one shot lead on Jordan speed the twelve under a tiger was forced to withdraw thanks to a strained oblique and WNBA links drill the sun eighty nine fifty seven all this is a great month to recycle from paper bottles in cancer recycling old clothes by donated them to charity and.

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