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And like I mentioned, Andrew and Jordan will send me some of the other cool little things that they're up to as well. But yeah, if you guys want to get one of these genesis keys, I'm going to get one. From Jordan and Andrew, and I just think it's super cool. And I'm kind of a dummy with all this stuff. So if I can do it and you're listening in, you can wrap your head around it too. I read a little bit about this stuff every day and I'm slowly learning and I've gosh, I've been kind of dollar cost averaging a little bit here and there in the crypto for about 8 years and I'm no whale and I'm no crypto catalyst and I'm no blockchain evangelist like these guys are, but it is a cool new frontier and as we move away from at least I think I will more and more from Fiat currency. I think these are the type of areas where you want to consider putting more of your energy and investments. And guys, I did want to ask you too. But before I let you go. Obviously, when you're launching something like this, you're working busy. And you might even be working overtime, maybe sleeping less, you know, I don't know, but you shared with me some of your bio hacks already, but what I want to know a little bit about, maybe both of you can each share. Top thing that you do, whether smart drug or neutral or lifestyle modification or something like that that you think is kind of a cool little secret tip. Maybe you've been keeping to yourself. I don't know, but as a way for you to really get good energy and productivity, when you just got a bang through a long work day, what's your go to? I have been listening to these entrepreneurial podcasts, not yours, yours is more health, but these people who say all this stuff about like don't sleep over. I always prioritise sleep, diet, and exercise. And those things, I know that the foundations, but it's such a BS, man, when people are like, oh, don't sleep or sleep less. I mean, yes, on occasion. That's it. But I operate at a 110% when I sleep 8 hours. I operate at 90%. That 20% is all the difference. So I would say those three things and the one, if you want to cheat code, it's a new calm device. I will, when I'm crashing in the afternoon, I knew calm for like 20 minutes or whatever the other device he said that probably works as well. The brain top? Yep. And then I'm literally about to do a lot of these. I've got to know another talk after this. I'm actually going to, I'm like, man, that was a hardcore session with you guys. And I'm just going to go and you come and then be fresh as in 20 minutes, I'll be fresh as before the podcast. All right, well, I'm sorry for exhausting you, Andrew. How about you, Jordan? What's your go to? A giant giant ass piece of nicotine gum or what is it? It's funny. We have nicotine spray in the office. And I do take a hit of it every now and then. I definitely think we got that. It was either from the biohacking group or from you, bed, but we do have the nicotine spray. It's exactly what Andrew said, but more importantly, I do two things. We have a rebounder as well. Change your physiology, change your state, do like ten minutes on the rebounder, just a little trampoline in the office. Just like jump up and down, get all that negativity out, change my breathing, get my heart rate accelerated. We got a ping Pong table in. If I'm in a really bad rut, get a quick game of ping Pong in. But the other thing, I got to just tell you, and this has been such a difference maker for me. I am so obsessed with where we're going, that I really do forget how far we've come. I'm so obsessed with, oh my God, we have all of this left to do to get the product launch. You get the genesis key keys ready to get the marketplace ready to really launch this thing. Make sure it's like pixel perfect and all of that. And you really do just forget to be grateful. You forget to like, you know, give your thanks if your spiritual, for those listening, it's like, you know, don't forget to pray, right? If I think it's really important to just be thankful. So I do like a 5 minute gratitude journal. That grounds me a lot. I feel totally different when I just anchor on three things I'm grateful for. I do some very serious intention setting. I use this app called the 5 minute journal. It's pretty great. You just throw out it's like all set up for you. You can upload a picture. Just to kind of remind you of that day, gratitude, three things you want to accomplish that day. And then you write some like affirmations. I think that whether it's like the inner bitch that negativity, the voice that talks to us, just kind of taming that and writing down some just some words of positivity. Man, I do that daily. I feel so different if I miss a day, I actually do feel worse. So those are my little tidbits. I don't know where I would be without gratitude a little bit of fitness and of course some of that nicotine spray. I dig it. You can do a little nicotine spray and then write down your graceful for it. You guys, I'm serious. If you have more resources, like I mentioned, I'm gonna link to Android's concussion protocol and into this NFT dot com site where people can get their genesis keys for the next couple of.

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