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The radio program, you find out what the world thinks about you in the issues that are important to you. We hopscotch around the globe talk to regular people just like you and me in the hot zones we hear their stories, and then hopefully, we can connect the dots. Very busy today as we broadcast from WLS radio studios in the great city of Chicago will be with you for the next couple of hours and for our podcast listeners. This is where we will be originating for the next couple of hours in a minute. We're gonna hear from one of our voices. And then later on this hour, we go into Istanbul Turkey. We have a story of either a hit job kidnapping or fake news, depending not only on which source. You're listening or reading or viewing. But also truly where you live for new listeners to the voice to America program. You will know what we do here on. On the shows we talked to a syndicate of voices around the globe. And we do this to offer an American audience, which is turned into a global audience. But this show was born out of nine eleven when nobody knew who Osama bin Laden was they couldn't pronounce al-qaeda, and we decided that we would say, well what information we've got is. Maybe they're based in Afghanistan were in Pakistan. So we started talking to people from Afghanistan and Pakistan just to hear what they had to say if that was ground zero. If that was where the story was originating. Let's hear what they have to say because it might be a little bit different than getting one hundred percent of our information from Washington DC or New York City and lo and behold have we learned an awful lot over almost the last fifteen to twenty years, we will continue to do that today on the curious state of Jamal Khashoggi is a Saudi national, but he was was or may still be a resident of the United States working for the Washington Post. He's a journalist, but more importantly to this story, of course, as he was a critic of the. Saudi governments and more curious. Of course is the story of the the new crown prince and who this man Mohammed bin Salman NBS who he is. And what he really stands for. Nobody knows a whole lot about it. But he's come to the United States, and they were lined up from an Silicon Valley and they loved them in Hollywood. And they loved him in Washington DC, and they loved him in New York City, and he's done this all over the world where you've got celebrities that are cozying up to him. You've got the celebrity entrepreneurs that are lining up with him. All the tech guys all the cool guys. Even the grandfatherly guys, you know, like Richard Branson out of the United Kingdom, for instance. I mean, they're all trying to get a piece of the action because we do know that Saudi Arabia's a nation, of course, that is closely aligned with the United States, and if you're closely aligned with the United States gives you tremendous clout there also an oil-rich nation, which gives you tremendous clout, they are also politically influential throughout that region with their relationship with the countries say like Egypt or Iran and they're involved in. Lots of wars, and there's the oil and OPEC, and because all of this what we are seeing is is very curious. And now, we have a case that is rocking. The world is is like the Brett Cavanaugh US supreme court deal. Everybody is focused in on the story. What happened to this, man? Who is this man Jamal kashogi? Nobody knew who he was five days ago. Now, everybody knows who he is most people didn't even know who the prince was a lot of people did. But no a lot of people don't listen to this program. You certainly know. And of course, we will try to offer perspectives not only from the region, but we will go into Turkey, and we will find out from one of our voices in Istanbul where allegedly this murder this kidnapping this dismember. It all happened over the last few days, and we'll also find out what the world thinks about Donald Trump's response in America's Congress's response to Saudi Arabia. A lot of tentacles story. It will not fade quickly. We.

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