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O P mobile experience is brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union. This in navy Federal Donald work to get started today. It's 6 28 traffic and weather on the eights. Now some big changes today and w t o p Jack Taylor in the Traffic center certainly are and we can get used to these for the next 48 hours. All of your inbound closures riding toward the district off the Potomac, the 14th. Memorial and Roosevelt Bridge is closed off the Anacostia the Souza, the 11th and the Douglas Bridges all remained blocked until six o'clock Thursday morning. The reminder in Virginia 3 95 in the express lanes you're diverting upon to eat street That'll take you towards Pentagon's A city with no access, Obviously, to the inbound 14 that was one of the slower spots was all the mainline traffic on 3 95 moving north of Washington Boulevard to the now closed inbound 14th Street Bridge, 66 stacked up a bit, obviously, with no access to the Roosevelt Bridge. Not too bad. So far downtown. If you're riding on either of the 2 95 trying to access the Douglas, this ooze or the 11th Street Bridge so far early in northwest Blair Road is closed between butternut an Underwood streets. This is due to fire department activity. All right. In Maryland, you'll find 1 75 and hand over east to the B W Parkway Crash. 75 Year Baldwin Road, Monrovia, apparently one That was way too big try to get underneath the bridge. No damage to the bridge. But he was stuck underneath the span. Then you'll find we've got our issues on 3 95 coming north bound The Pentagon reported Crash 66 eastbound before the Fairfax County Parkway one broken down in the right lane. Also in Sterling, we had trouble on 28 North found your wax pull road that have been reports of a broken down vehicle v dot said it was in the right lane. So do be careful. The reminder on the rails. Marc Train service suspended on the Pan Pen, Candid and Brunswick Lines v. R E That'll operate through what not operating through Wednesday this week. First thing Thursday morning. They're gonna bring my resume The S scheduled service plus Fredericksburg line's trains. 303 +07. Now the reminder 13 Metro stations inside the security perimeter remain closed. Trains will not stop at the following stations. Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery, Farragut West McPherson Square. Federal center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian, Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place. All these should reopen Thursday morning. Six AM Fullest on w t o p dot com Stay with w T O P all Week for inauguration coverage presented by Penn Fed Credit Union Whether you're in uniform or not, you can apply today at Penn Fed dot or g'kar. Jack Taylor w T o P traffic over the Storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets. Besides, a few flurries were dry to finish out this work week next Chance of any rain. Snow will be next Monday. Otherwise temperatures today right around 50 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds still little breezy out there as well. Now, tomorrow's.

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