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To the phones let's go to jason in indiana jason united cbs sports radio at bali thanks for taking my call thank you i wanna talk about a week ago elliott uh yeah you either a third running back he's got a great offensive line is gonna play this year is probably gonna be phenomenal again what my only thing is you know this guy he's starting to develop a track record here and now it is he going to be a story of you know something that could have been dan uh great but we're it's brand deprived of it because he can't keep it had cleaning they outta programs are all night jason only times me answer that question only now i've i've seen an interview or you know wrote an article that is its own power was saying that uh the kid wasn't even ready you know for this platform and all you know not mature enough um uh superstardom just gonna and belo for me no one and take over and you're gonna fall victim to it in and that to me it'd be just another sad story and i was this one is your opinion if you think that uh he could actually bound back in use this as a you know a second fanta here's here's the only way man said jason i hope so i hope i know him i don't know the people around him i don't know who he listens to who takes advice from all i can say is i hope so because he he's done a number of things that make you scratch your head and you say you hope gone through this that was it right now visual there's nothing there's nothing for him to go oh jeez look what happened to me because he's gonna play this year and he's probably gonna you're year now if if if it ends of one of the courts like you did with brady and it gets up held amisi spent six games maybe then maybe them it hits in the says i knew i really need to fly the you know the straight path year in straighten out before a roommate career on here adding know him no am we can just hold for his sake and for ice ages football fans 'cause i'd like to watch him play yeah.

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