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Mirren for that incite such wisdom i think he's he let's see i don't know if she's teaching a master class series he is so she teach one anheuser oh she's teaching in an act i think so and she says giving some wisdom dropping it may be a it will entice you to do one of those masterclasses in that movie winchester oh it's toast retail year above yeah i spent a lot of time talking about that care about branches to ristori houses still really cool thing i know go and see it in san jose south korea but yeah i i mean the movie day just said sank nurse or other pieces of wisdom that she said stand up for yourself follow your instincts believe in your instincts but always be careful i guess be careful of making the wrong decision it's quite easy to make the wrong decision what job should i do next shall i buy that house these decisions will have to make in light lau life but listen to your instincts a he's telling us to live life but yet be really cautious i feel yeah that was thank you for the now the wise platitudes helen mirren where it's like okay we'll be brave but i told him within reason but there were the reason everything in moderation by banks ari hollywood speak this giddy homes in guinea facts are looking for new york family home all there's no parker that which she i don't know with katie homes here in minneapolis you'll is assessed whereas you people these are us emails um they saric and cades with jamie foxx they went to a spin class and st louis park together they're together so there together near here i believe it and i say good for them i think that they both deserve heavy relationships in surrey crews adores jamie kadian surrey love you know having jamie with unmik you know she keeps under the little one kenner said wisely moving might as me move and i wanna tell you her acts was on on mr time iphone mr tom christmas that up what picked up what would what do you know what.

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