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Of twenty-one seasons. He hit a career three ten he ranked sixth all-time in hits with three thousand. Four hundred and sixty five. He's a fourteen time all star and he received mvp votes in twelve different seasons however never winning a regular season mvp. He was an all star game mvp. He was a world series mvp. He was rookie of the year. He obviously won those five rings in new york five time gold glover five time silver slugger but again hidden a career. Three ten in twenty years. All with the new york yankees. He had two hundred and sixty home runs. One thousand three hundred eleven. Rbi so certainly deserving of getting into the hall of fame and he was joined by larry walker and a few interesting tidbits on larry walker which kind of fits the moult. If you know or remember watching larry walker but prior to walker the rockies had never had a single hall of famer play game for their franchise so not even like be a rocky and in the hall of fame not even go year. Twenty jeeter goes from the yankees and then place half a season for the rockies. They they didn't have a hall of famer. Play a game for the franchise. They were the only major league baseball team who could make that claim and of course that is no longer the case due to walker getting in walker also became the second canadian in cooperstown. Joining only fergie jenkins as the only other canadian walker said during his speech quote. Thank you canada. I share this honour with every canadian. And i hope that all of us canadian kids out there that have dreams of playing in the big leagues seem here. Today gives you another reason to go after those dreams and quotes and continuing around larry walker if you guys remember when he got the call that he was going into the hall of fame. He was wearing this pretty outrageous. Spongebob squarepants shirt. Spongebob squarepants is on the left chest front and on the right chest front. It says eight no ordinary sponge. Well this shirt now has a place in cooperstown it's actually displayed next to an umpire's mask and old jersey and it is right there in the hallway at let's see in cooperstown so he then on his suit while he was giving his speech worry. Spongebob squarepants pin on his jacket. So he continued to show his love for spongebob squarepants. And certainly the shirt. That's in the hall of fame is probably one of the more outrageous items artifacts there in cooperstown but larry walker. He had a great career of course six years in montreal to start out his career where he hit two eighty one with ninety nine home runs. Three hundred and eighty four. Rb is but then really took off for colorado spending ten years with the rockies hitting three thirty four for the rockies with two fifty eight two hundred and fifty eight home runs eight hundred and forty eight. rbi's and then rounding out his career with two years and saint louis where he hit two eighty six with twenty six home runs and seventy nine rbi so a career three thirteen hitter. Three hundred eighty three home runs. One thousand three hundred and eleven. Rbi's for larry walker as to the all time greats were finally recognised and enshrined in cooperstown here on this past wednesday so now transitioning to the twenty twenty one class. Or excuse me. Nobody was voted in in two thousand twenty one so the twenty twenty two class who is going to get in who could potentially make it. Well there's quite a bit of new covers on the on the ballot this year. A lot of them are going to be one indict. And these are names that you would recognize such as marlon byrd. Carl crawford ryan howard. Tim linda justin moreno prince fielder joe nathan jonathan. Paypal bon peavy. Aj presents ski on your e bay. Have ryan vogel song. All of these guys are on the ballot. But i don't think any of them ultimately get to that five percent mark to remain on the ballot moving forward now. We do have some other guys who are kind of hanging around to who got enough votes last year..

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