Charles De Ledesma, North Korea, Kim Jong discussed on AP 24 Hour News


The receive the discount rate all the confirmation intelligence because when it wasn't enough to states and one hundred thirty three North Korea says diplomatic talks with the US could resume in a few weeks but as a P. correspondent Charles de Ledesma reports the north says it won't consider abandoning its nuclear weapons unless external threats are fully removed the north adds any upcoming working level meetings will be decisive in determining the fate of the country's diplomacy with Washington negotiations have stalled since up every summit between north Korean leader Kim Jong moon I'm present a long time in Vietnam collapsed under the disagreements the sanctions relief in exchange for disarmament meshes I'm Charles to look at my. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to join a worldwide protest for climate action according to civil society groups they be correspondent Charles de Ledesma reports it takes place on Friday activists trade unions and church groups in Germany say more than four hundred valleys a plant in the country alone the global climate strike is also expected to see events in Australia Japan India Britain and the U. S. and dozens of other countries it's partly inspired by the activism of Swedish teenager great to to book whose stage weekly demonstrations over the past year the events take place days before a U. N. climate summit in New York a witch heads of government will present their long term plans on the climate action I'm Charles de Ledesma. Amazon owned grocery chain whole foods is cutting healthcare benefits for its part time workers a move that could leave about nineteen hundred of its employees without medical coverage news of the benefits change was first reported by business insider starting next year whole foods employees have to work at least a thirty hours a week to qualify for its health care benefits that's up from the twenty hours a week.

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