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Confidence that you that you instill in your team. Whether it's Bridgewater was rested guys they were making place. Katrin Himmler had to come back to the ball for that for that to happen. And if you just stayed put, it might have been an interception because if he didn't make the move, that fan was out of position. There were two defenders their position. There was two defenders. Their camera hammer came right back to the ball and made a leaping grab. Or the drop he had. He made that play on third down, and he made another third down play. That will probably talk to about a little bit later on for 23 yards. Yeah, it was just you know, he was KJ Did a pretty good job. Teddy did a great job. It was just It was just a great game across the board. And that is how you you talked about taking your soul punching the defense in the mouth going through and doing that even bigger than that. You leave that offense off the field over there. They've sat there all halftime. Now they're going to sit there all third quarter and they get cold. They get stiff. You know you're not. You know, the lactic acid build up sets innocence. Great. It's It's just that's that's the way you do it, okay? I'm gonna go to my play here, and it's actually the end of the drive. And then we'll go back to a play of yours in the middle of this tribe because this was this was kind of the key drive gave the Broncos 17 to 7 lead, but the touchdown to Alberto Cueva non was so important for a multitude of reasons. First, it was a redemption opportunity for Alberto Question on who had the fumble. Near the goal line in the first half. Teddy Bridgewater had told Albert You gotta his stay mentally focused on this thing, because I'm gonna come back to you. Okay? That's so important is one of the reasons why Teddy Bridgewater's who he is, and he has this connection with the guys because he did look back to Albert multiple times, but at the end of this thing Another kind of scramble place. That's why I wanted to put this this player right up next to yours. Because he had to sort of scramble. He was getting pulled down by a defender once again may just kind of a little bit of jump off a little bit of a floating pass over to Alberto Cueva. And he kind of did the rest. This is what it sounded like. Play. Fake water is trouble. Stiff arms away. Ball is caught and inside the five yard line is okay, Poonam and into the end zone with the Denver touchdown..

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