Allison John, Geiger, Mr Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Briefing in a secure room in the U. S. capitol came after Mike Pompeii made that those remarks to send that letter to Capitol Hill saying essentially that the state department was not ready to comply with the Democrats request a subpoena for documents related to the Ukraine matter and the Democrats is scheduling of depositions for five former and current state department official the president meanwhile escalating its rhetoric against the impeachment investigation in a tweet Mr trump says he's come to the conclusion that the inquiry is a cool because defined as a violent illegal seizure of government power the impeachment process is guaranteed by the US constitution. I'm sensing hearing resumes today for former Dallas police officer convicted of killing an unarmed neighborhood jury handed down the murder conviction late yesterday morning brief rejoicing from both of John's brings in family before going back into the courtroom for the punishment phase of the trial where John's mother Allison John took the stand to testify about how her son's death has impacted her life have to get. therapists to come in and I try to. Austin do all sorts of things. just to help me get by the prosecution showed the jury incriminating text messages and social media posts from Geiger before breaking for the day sentencing could take several days with Geiger facing fines to ninety nine years behind bars Clayton level down only coming as band flavored tobacco products including cigarettes chewing tobacco and menthol cigarettes over concerns the product's.

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