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With the remarkable season kucherov is having it really puts things in perspective. When you think about it a Wayne Gretzky having two hundred points in a season. Or is the case in ninety five ninety six leave you with one hundred twenty two points in sixty games. Having said all of that in this day and age for kucherov to put together the type of season that he has is very rare and very unusual. Different time different era. And you know, we can make a case to the top ten fifteen as players of all time. But the truth rob is doing is phenomenal and also too. I think. Rounding us all together. The defensive play really since the by has been phenomenal. Goaltending has a lot to do with it. But it's allow Tampa Bay to be in a lot of games, and they're they're kicking up two points because of it. Absolutely. And I think coming out of the bye week Derrick Alana Lightnings assistant coach had talked about attention to detail and being able to sharpen their game. They wanna basically chased perfection right now. And where they are in the standings. It offers them the luxury to see different players, and what they can do some more ice time and opportunity you mentioned Ryan Callahan. Earlier Dave, and Danny Martell getting a chance to make the most of this opportunity, and they're playing in these very tight games where other teams are coming out them hungry desperate for points. So I think for what they've been given as far as the challenge of shutting down some of these streaky teams has been phenomenal defensively. And it's not just the the defense. It's the whole team. It's Vazza lefty. It's the forwards on the back check. It's getting back pressure. Even Akita kucherov in a game against Columbus had a couple really really strong shifts for generating scoring and as soon as the puck starts at transition. The other way he's there to support Dan Girardi coming into the high slot or support the defense minster, they're getting the. Support their winning the fifty fifty battles that's huge in their own zone, especially when they have to match the physicality and compete other teams they find ways to adjust it took a little bit longer in the first period against Columbus. But I thought in the three games they played in that homestand. They were really sharp and really strong at being able to match other teams intensity. And and find ways to defend against them. Well, let's get to tonight scratches injuries injured for the lightning Victor Hedman. Yod Rueda recall, but won't play tonight at great it out for visiting that t- meeting. Brian Elliott, Michael Goi Vert. Sam Moran are all injured the buyers acquired Talbot from Ed Majed. But he is not here yet. He's got say, she's I think workout. The other scratches. Bill Byers maters NHL debut on Sunday for the fires in Detroit. But he's gonna sit tonight is the flyers are going with the more conventional twelve four six defense that they went eleven at seven on Sunday. Louis debate as one ten in a row a franchise record or the lightning eighteen and four of the year. A two point nine zero goals-against at any point Idaho. Seven save percentage. Heart-to-heart ten and one starts. He has not played against the lightning yet. It has career thirteen six and one is his record two point five three goals against the point nine two four. Save percentage. Do the lightning defended at you are left in the first skate left to right, and the roadway jerseys with blue Dover's part of the flyers that to all right and move right to left in there. Orange jerseys white number shoulders and sleaze referees tonight or grant Skillet or Jake brake lines that are Trent door opening face up home. It's away lightning and flyers for Bill coming up lighting radio Irish thirty one is pumped for their fourth years and officials sports bar the Tampa Bay Lightning hitting you Emily arena for the game. Watch.

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