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Welcome back to the frame. I'm John horn. A star is born has seven Academy Award nominations, including best picture and Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga are nominated in the lead actor categories, another nominees the film's cinematographer, Matthew Liberti can his credits include many films with director Darren aaronow ski including black swan and mother he also shot the first two ironman movies. And last year's marvel movie. Venom a star is born is limited takes first real love story behind the camera. That wasn't it's only challenge lady Gaga insisted that she and Cooper performed live in the film and some of their performances were shot in front of real audiences at the stage coach and Glastonbury festivals. I started by asking how they pulled off filming and a real concert setting. This film was very difficult to sort of navigate the stage performances because we had three different modes, basically we had to Coachella mode, which is borrowing stages. That were already set up with the lady that was already existing and putting in our own crowds. And then there was the running guns sort of we have ten minutes to shoot in between two sets with a real audience apologizing and thanking the audience for sort of shooting a movie in between two bands. And then we had the third which is the Greek theater, which in which shallow was performed where we we actually in more of a Louis fashioned was able to create the Greek theater as a set, but the lighting of it had to have a consistency might my goal was that in creating a character from cinema- cinematography standpoint. Jackson, Maine might as well be. Oh, I don't know Jack white, and I had to make sure that the audience maybe subconsciously felt like this is his lady. This is his road show..

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