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A short distance for anybody who's not going up against this hail of gunfire coming from the other side it sort of depends on which side of of the woods you're charging through in some of the distances reading greater but these machine guns had an effective range of over a mile and they were mounted on tripods german machine gunners had maxima she could fire about four to five hundred rounds per minute and they were experts handling them there they were able to use the tripod to just perfectly positioned to take people out and they they took out many many marines is there in charge into this week a little bit of background before this because in early june the end of may the germans were in blonde a massive offensive that was aimed at paris and the french army was literally melting away and these marines mounted up at the last minute along with the second and third division of us army and they charged into the breach and as they were driving in their their their trucks you know they kept hearing you know french billions as well as french troops that were three arms away saying that the war is finished and these men rode into that four tech's literally you know plug the hole in the line the french wanted to commit them immediately like piecemeal the preston brown who was assistant chief of staff for the second division said no we want to dig in behind the french and it prepare and what happens is the germans come in through the fields he's wheatfields on june one and two and three and they literally take them out with accurate rifle fire from the ring core really an amazing story they they save paris or their efforts and then on the six today they melt the counter attack and they charge you through the week towards the high ground one forty two and also with itself and then for weeks they battle into this you know this this rocky terrain inside the wood and it's it's almost like the wilderness from the civil war it's really a deadly combat mixed with poison gas heavy artillery and everything else.

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