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Five to one to four two two seven. So we've got the latest in major league baseball from the Bryce Harper corner. No there hasn't been a deal yet though. There are reports that indicate it's coming to a head between Scott Boras Harper's agent as well. As the Phillies there still the front runner for now. Also, Manny Machado getting introduced in San Diego. And there was at least one moment that made me chuckle a little bit. I decided to chuckle instead of roll my eyes because we know he wasn't speaking one hundred percent, truthfully. However, you can hear for yourself. We college basketball over the weekend, of course, big weekend for North Carolina as well as four Michigan state. Plus a nice rebound for Duke on the road at Syracuse on Saturday night, though, the basketball game was secondary to what else is happening in Syracuse over the last week, and then in the NBA in the NHL some news that will pass along as well. But was certainly need to start with. What was the prevailing story on Friday? And I'll be honest with you. I was really happy. I was not hosting a show on Friday night. When I saw the news pop up on my phone about Robert Kraft being charged with two counts of soliciting a prostitute. And the arrest warrant being issued. I was really thankful that I didn't have to come to work that night host a show. And there were two reasons why this is before I even knew any of the details. So I was literally just getting in my car in Pittsburgh to drive back home when the alert popped up on my phone. So I didn't have a whole lot of time to to read it to look at it. And it wasn't until really Friday night and Saturday that I was able to dive into more of the details. Well, one reason that I read that at the time I was I didn't have to come to work and why I still dread talking about it is because of the jokes the inappropriate jokes. I've already seen a lot of them on social media. There's a lot that can be said about this situation. None of it's funny. And I get it. It's easy. Seventy seven year old man. Bob kraft. You hear him do interviews. His patriots are wildly successful. From what we see on the outside. He's the philanthropist. He's jetsetter he rubs elbows and shakes hands with celebrities with entertainers. What doesn't the man have except for his wife who passed away from illness a couple of years ago? Regardless. It's maybe easy to make him a target and on face value. He deserves that. Even though he's category. Categorically denied what he is accused of. Just the fact that there is an accusation out. There opens up doors for all kinds of speculation. But after taking the time to read the case that the authorities have brought against this. Orchids of Asia day spa, which is one of multiple sites in which they were running a sting. So this day spa where Robert Kraft was caught on video is one of several. That are suspected of human trafficking sex trafficking. And if you really take time to read what the authorities have found what they believe is happening the evidence that they've collected. You should be sick to your stomach there should be nothing. Funny about it. If you're like me, you and you watch crime dramas human trafficking, sex trafficking. Come up frequently. Grab people's attention. Whether they're from the headlines or they're not. It's salacious. And it's also something that tugs at you as a human being if you have a heart, but this is real life. This isn't a TV show. And again, there's nothing funny about it. Bob Kraft, isn't even the most important piece of the he's been charged with misdemeanors. And I think the NFL should deal with him harshly. I would say about the same as the way it crackdown on Jim Irsay for. His public intoxication for his. His DUI messes with the fine with the suspension all of that. Similar to how the NFL handles its player investigations. It's not limited to what charges are brought or what charges are proven what charges stick. It's not beholden to the legal system. And the NFL shouldn't. Care what charges stick against Bob Kraft in this situation? Now, it matters. Of course, how much he knew it matters. If he was there for prostitution, and he was there to pay for sex and sex acts. That's one thing. Disgusting. Sad for a man of seventy seven years old disturbing. Sure. Worse if it's caught on camera. And that's what the authorities say they have is video showing exactly that. But this becomes a much bigger problem a much harder crime something that Robert Kraft will never live down. If he had any idea what was happening behind closed doors at this day spa. And it needs to spec it and went anyway. I hope he has to live with that for the rest of his life. But, but there's no way to know that at this point. And again, he and his attorneys have indicated all of these charges are bogus. I'm not sure how or why they're doing that. But that's their approach at this point. It's after hours here on CBS sports radio. Some of the numbers that the authorities have released some of the details that they've shared. Reports at least this point. They make my skin crawl my stomach turn. So there again a bunch of these days spas, and here's a dead giveaway. Only men are going in. That's one reason that they knew something was really wrong. Another reason that they knew. Is there was a health complaint that was filed by a neighbor in the area whether corporate or noncommercial? Because. These women never came out. They're always there. The police suspect they were sleeping, they're cooking. They're not allowed to leave not allowed to shower really not allowed to sleep an actual bed. They were sleeping on the massage tables. And this is again multiple locations. Not just one. And so after this health complaint from someone in the neighborhood, they were able to install video.

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