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This ceremony will not cross that long. I think we need to do two things in the ceremony. In fact it should happen in every insect ceremony. I we should reflect on the table. Things that happened in second us that reflection and is memories to think about africa in how we can avoid repeating the mistakes of history not enough anzac day ceremonies talk about the future. They concentrate on remembrance and forget that the best wide on the full is to use the memory to mike sure that the deaths were not in vine too tight that energy and kit challenges mind so in vs on some poor twenty something young maine's needlessly blown up by lane mall in some foreign country on the other side of the planet home. Talk more bad that lineup. A little a twenty two thousand three hundred and seventy six. Trolley were held as prisoners of war. Private robert bill civis number q x one. Six four zero two of the second twenty sixth australian infantry battalion was one of them he was. My father wanted to tell you a little bit about him. He actually like most veterans. Never said much about the war. And what i'm about to tell you is probably everything on. He was born in child. Will september twenty two to lie about his age to get into the army. He was too young. He arrived just in time for the fall of singapore in the small skirmishes provided cap. John but the bullets whizzing around. He was with a man who had been in the fish And my dad said to him something like why the hell you sign up for another wool. If i'd had done it was going to be like this. I wouldn't have signed up for this one anyway. He was captured and found himself in chiang prison uniting on seeing the pictures the the terrible conditions that the prisoners found themselves in very malnourished. The images of the prisoners will similar to what you see from nazi. Concentration camps says a pretty tough place. Jenny prison not add about that. A whisper ice to india morale y some prisoners from johnny ended up counting and working on the rally. When you might not know is that certainly. My father's case volunteered for the morale why. He thought that he would get food. He didn't mind working and so he worked todd but got bit of food. It would be a better option little deny that would eventually that would work. Incredible house incredibly tough conditions. With even less food would suffer beatings malnutrition malaria and dysentery. The stories he told the ones that stick in my mind with the ball of rice if a fly landed on his ball of rice Some guys in that situation would scoop out a little Spoonful of that. Ross and throw it away Hyping just to have got rid of contaminated portion but my father would try until all which must have been hot getting you living virtually nothing else story. Tell me was better. How many days he would consecutively. And he observed what other prisoners looking and he was aware of what was going on in his mind He was quite certain that nobody had would more dies than he did in his camp. And it's a credit his resilience and toughness. As a country boy growing up in charleville with is conditions. anyway eventually. They returned from the morale line to chengdu prison. Hynd the other prisoners upon seeing the return of the the guys had been on the rally. The breakdown and t's and cried the prisons in prison looking at the co is coming back from morale my feel sorry for them by descried tells you the condition hiring anyway he had these two thousand biz in prison and eventually the japanese ended he survived. It was reported to sydney was fattened up in a camp in hyde park and discharge from the army and went on to live a full life as a working class man and he managed to spend a twenty year tom fishing on the gulf coast and one other story that i'd like to tell you is that towards the end of his life. He applaud for gold card which is a medical card. That you get servicemen injured in service in. He hurt his back while working on the burma. Rowley he eventually the gold cod. One of these reasons for doing that was he knew then he died before his wife another then she would also say the cod anyway. He had to present himself to a doctor who story and story of surviving. The morale tangy prison in a life of hard work as a working class main teams pops and at the end of the doctor reached across. And show my father's hand and said you are the most resilient man live admit and my dad telling you. That story was just tickled pink and he had an official diagnosis from a doctor of his resilience. Anyway barrel anymore. And when we complain about the coronavirus lockdown and think fullest sit home and watch netflix. So that was one of the lucky ones tunes out because he survived nail I'd like to think that really unlucky ones. He did not survive. The strong men and women who've died in wars numbers. Imagine so this in mind. Suncorp stadium in brisbane holds fifty two thousand people when it's full australia. Insulate history flooding woes. I've a one hundred thousand. People have died tucson copes. I have a two hundred ten thousand. It's really easy to look at those figures into superficially. Thank god that's terrible such shine soulful but i want you to take a and really think about it. Put yourself in the position of grieving person and really empathize. I'm going to talk to you diff. There's a big difference between all death in a young person's do more dad dotted. Id to. I didn't cry at his funeral. He'd had a good innings for him every day. After twenty one was a bonus it was sad but it was also physically natural thing to happen guy. My son leon died aged eighteen. He wasn't involving. The wall was an accident so much still does and now the youngest jillian main killed in afghanistan wanting some war on the on behalf. I think he's parents the knock on the door. Open that door on either shock in the pit their stomachs world spinning the loss and grief as i realized their son is gone for him. Mohawks nine careers. Dr nike friend. Who becomes a wife children for him nigerian children from him for us even a good just gone in as the guy special times. Christmas birthdays and weddings of siblings special. Tom's family gathers enjoys itself. And its history tells jokes about incidents that happened in the early ease at all times these. Tom's which should be joyful and satisfying fawing peaceful times. A scott is the scar in the pain and the display leone is missing. What would he say if he was he. Ah what would he be doing. He should he. Ah that my friends is. The ongoing torment suffered by people who lose a young man had a young wife and kids then multiply that woes. Kill young men when he the figure of one hundred thousand killed. Let's tucson coupes think of the two hundred thousand parents. Let's focus on coop. Stadiums of hailing parents think of the three hundred hasn't siblings. That's another six son. Coupes crying brothers and sisters and the ten close friends and billion. That's twenty suncorp secreting. That'll that'll leads up to thirty two suncorp stadium's full of misery. Keeping the pine was by wars you would think australians would avoid them at all costs if if cooled up in one we would try to get out of the war as soon as possible but the opposite is true. We had to into the second world war. It's pretty obvious. I complain in vietnam korea and more recently. What are we doing. Iraq and afghanistan forty one. Australian soldiers have been killed in afghanistan. Why what is the point of remembering the ends ex. If we accept the young men are being killed in afghanistan and we can't say why they went and while they're still leah. Tell me you leave it up to a politicians to work things here. That's not good enough. You are spitting on the graves of deceased soldiers. If you don't comply that young men at dawn in unnecessary wars us at once a year and feeling sorry for the anzacs is not good enough instead of a poem or hymn praising god or reading from the bible. I'm going to read something much more important. Nines and ages of forty one is trollion. Men killed in afghanistan andrew russell thirty three dived. Ps forty. forty-one matthew locke thirty three lukewarmly twenty six. Jason marks twenty seven. Sean mccarthy twenty five. Michael food sel twenty-five gary marcum shir thirty nephew hopkins twenty-one britain till thirty one benjamin rinaldo twenty two check moreland. Twenty-one darren smith twenty scott twenty-seven timothy aplin thirty iit benjamin chuck twenty seven ninth abuse. Twenty-three jason braille twenty noah. Great kirby thirty. Five thomas dial. Twenty-one jag mckinney. Twenty eight richard atkinson twenty. Two jamie larkham. Twenty-one redwood city to andrew johns twenty-five marcus sean. Kayce twenty-seven knowing robinson twenty-three todd langley divine matthew lamba twenty six bryce duffy twenty-six nationally twenty two lou gavin twenty-seven blind didn't forty nathaniel john wall. Bring gallagher twenty three seven. John mcdonald thirty step. Milosevic forty robert drake pelada. Twenty-three giants thomas model scott giant smith. Twenty four cameron stewart on john. Twenty nine another consequence of losing young men. It yeah i happen to be. Gripe piano pliers. He used to play every night for kids. Really hard to listen to music..

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