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Your input and contributions to the show. We have some 70. Well, let me confirm here where it's some 72,000 or so on Twitter. We'd love to have you at Lance McAllister, the Twitter feed presented by Barley corns, three locations in northern Kentucky. Great not to be out of the patio to enjoy a cold one, and maybe some Doc style wings from our friends at Berlin corns. You can follow and contribute during the show outside the shore. Just follow along with what's coming up on the show. Like in about 10 Minutes, we'll talk with Jeff Hobson of Bengals dot com. This Cincinnati Reds just completed a 20 game stretch 20 games in 20 days. No days off. They started that stretch without Nick Castano's They ended that stretch without Jesse Winker. They completed that run. With the record of 13. And seven They set one up. The second wild card. 36 games to go and always like I like to when I can't offer context and perspective to give you a frame of reference to what we're talking about. And the Reds have 69 wins with 36 to go. 69 57. You remember the pain and misery at times of the rebuild? It was long. And it was slow. And it was difficult. Two. Was difficult to follow. Night in and night out. Some of the pictures that were being run out. Some of the everyday eight in the lineup. It was incredibly difficult to see a big picture. When you were stuck in the moment of the the muck and mire of a rebuild. In 2015. The Reds won 64 games. In 2016. They won 68 games. In 2017. 1 68 games. In 2018. They won 67 games. We are sitting here on August 23rd. And the Reds have 1 69 games. With 36 remaining. On August the third 23rd the Reds are sitting here with more wins than they had in the entire 2015 16 17. And 18 seasons. How much fun is this? I was reading a piece over the weekend Bleacher report and the it was their August edition of a word to describe your major league team right now, and they had, you know for the Yankees reinvigorated because the Yankees are now back in the race. It looks like they were left for dead. The Tampa Bay Rays. The word to describe was unconventional, because the Rays do things that a lot of teams never even thought about doing or trying. The White Sox cruising because they're running away with their division. I saw the A's described as unheralded because the A's are like Who's that? How are they doing? Who are some of those guys of the New York Mets? The were disappointing. In the N l. Centrally head for the Brewers destined For the Cardinals they had lurking. That's a good word. The Cardinals are lurking. You think they're gone? And then you kind of look around like they're still here. Pirates abysmal cubs, their word choice for the Cubs was reset. The word choice for the Reds was Precarious. And bleacher report wrote. The Reds lead the National League and ranked third in the majors in O. P. S. And the starting pitching has also been rock solid. If they had an even halfway decent bullpen, they'd be a serious threat for an October run, Late inning leads are precarious, to say the least with this Reds team. Um, I would have a different word. We've used to describe this team a lot. Resilient. They've been fun, and they've been frustrating on on each side each end of the spectrum, But this team has been resilient. They have stare down adversity. I went back and looked at it this morning. They lost and this is hard to comprehend. Now as hot as he's been They played without Joey Votto for 28 games. What? Not a week. Not two weeks. They play without Joey Votto for 28 games. Yes, He was not on his terror at the time. I get that, but you know what the record was. 14 and 14. They survived. They found a way they were resilient last year, starting first baseman Who the hell is going to play first? Now he's out how long then they lost. Nick Castano's I'll Never forget the night he takes the pitch off the hand on, think it don't It's broken, he's done. They were without Nick Castellanos for 17 games again, Not a couple of days, not a week, 17 days. I didn't count the time he was on the rise. We didn't play in the one game he pinch hit. I kind of from the time he got to hurt to the time we return was 17 kids. You know what the record was without him Without Nick, cause the Ottos 19 8. You know, winning record, They managed to not just hang around and survive. They found a way to have a winning record without Nick Castano's right now there without Jesse Winker. Jesse Winker is going to get MVP votes. They've been without him for seven games. They're probably going to be without him for I don't know. 14 more. 21 more. I have no idea. I just know in the first seven without Jesse Winker. They're five and two. Think of that for a second. Lesser teams would have folded up the tents and said we're out of here. 14 and 14 without motto for 28 19 8 without Castano's for 17, 5 and two without Winker for the first seven of this running, Let's not We don't have time to get into all the pitching injuries or moose or others. It goes back to the resiliency of this baseball team in the ability for guys to pick up the slack, and it's what I love about this team. Night tonight. When I do my my notes my sheet. I write things down. I highlight of my circle. I put an asterisk underlying things. You know, I've said this before, but it is so true about this team, and it's more so about this team than any rates team I can remember in a long time, the number of different contributors to this team the number of different guys who have a moment. Or moments it might be in at bat. It might be a catch. It might be one at bat. It might be one catch. It might be a game. It might be a week long run. It might be a two week run. But think of the number of guys who have stepped up and done something to help This team show Go isn't hitting makes the running, sliding all out. Catch Over the weekend. Tyler Nay Quinn. Tyler is going to a large extent We're going to talk about him towards the back end of the hour With my my second chances. My brand center second chances. Tyler, adequate to a large extent, is a great symbol of.

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