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Tutors in this country have asked the west german government to extradite ma on odds sheila to the united states she all former secretary of the by juan raj niche faces charges of fraud and attempted murder in oregon now more than thirty five years after these events chapman and mclean get key subjects on all sides to speak candidly including a mesmerizing interview with sheila soak devote has assassinated me and my cut it dirt so often i have nothing to lose what have i to lose getting wild wild country made took years the way brothers had previously made only one other feature documentary also said an oregon it was about a minor league baseball team in the nineteen seventies created by actor bing russell the father of kurt russell it's called the battered bastards of baseball no groomed image or just these furry hairy funny great bunch of guys from the things that happened on the field were absolutely insane organized baseball didn't like bang and they did everything they could to make sure banged it and win so how did the way brothers moved from baseball documentary to a six part series on a sex cult they had help from executive producer josh braun who was interviewed on episode thirty three of pure nonfiction other executive producers are mark and jay do plus the prolific brothers who created fiction films like the puffy chair and tv series like togetherness mark do plus joined chapman and mcclain for a sneak preview of wild wild countries first two episodes at stranger than fiction this conversation was recorded before a live audience at new york's ifc center mclean describes how the project started when they were researching baseball footage in the portland archives.

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